Friday, August 16, 2013

Lawmakers grapple with high-risk sex offender case

Lawmakers grapple with high-risk sex offender case..

ahh Even I caouldnt have made a better example of RSOL and their love for Pedophiles. Case in point
Robert Curtis of Robert Curtis Salons in California made the plea on his FACEBOOK page (which violates Facebooks rules of offenders having accounts) but what does he care?? and I quote:
 Robert Curtis commented on a link.

July 28.I heard the guy is headed for California. We in California have a very strong support system that will give him help. Just have the gentleman contact the RSOL CA (Google). The staff there will give him guidance for therapy, work, training and possibly housing. I'm a registered sex offender that's very much involved in doing community service. These professionals are a God sent. Together we can make a difference.


Valigator said...

Sorry cant help myself:
Robert Curtis's Facebook page and his comments about the high risk Vermont sex offender who police warned the public likes "blonde hair, blue eyed little boys".

Larry Venus: Did you read the story? This guy is high risk, so much so that the State of Vermont is warning people about the guy. It is ill-advised that you are supporting this type of individual and calls into question your judgment.July 27 at 8:03pm · Like..
Robert Curtis Larry Venus sir you call into question my judgment? Really? I'm a community leader and registered sex offender myself that lives in California. If anyone is more informed as to the truth of these matters and those local to California please step up! This guy is off probation and free to move where ever he likes. To pick California doesn't surprise me because of the nature of his crime anywhere else he probably won't get as much help and support. There are programs available for him to get therapy, work and supervision (if needed/desired). The jails and prisons are full and the sheriff Department do have a good handle on EX-offenders and where/what they are up to. We here in California unlike most of America believe in second chances. Again if the guy is reading this please contact: RSOL CA (Google). We'll give you support. We're in this together and together we can make a difference!
""what have I always maintained"?? RSOL aka Nambla Loves their pedophiles!!!!

Darth Johnny said...

My name is John G. McLeod. I am a sexual offender. My DC # is M50934. My website is I am waiting for you.

Darth Johnny said...

I didn't choose this fight. It chose me.

Valigator said...

stage is yours John..

Valigator said...

Obviously John has thought better of whatever rant he was planning on. Of course John seems to be busy after his child porn conviction rating all the various areas he can ride his bicycle to that has free Wi-fi. He is particularly fond of Dunkin Donut's and the many Libraries he visits each day after he has breakfast with mom and Sis a couple of times a week. Mr. McLeod is another numbnut offender who leaves a trail a blind man can follow. He must be related to Shaun Webb..

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Ms. Valerie Parkhurst, You need to calm down and focus on your own life.

I find it ironic that you attack the weakness of any beast. I bet you wrangled that alligator whilst straddling it's back and depressing it's jaw.

You're a worthless punk attcking those weaker than you. Sounds familiar, don't it??

You're a sick and demented woman (if I may call you that). I hope you seek help.

In the meantime, focus on your family and life .. stop worrying about others and I'm sure you'll find some kind of peace and harmony :)

Love ya Babe!!!

Valigator said...

You pervs would love that wouldnt you? Afraid I cant accomadate you on that one. One of the reasons of my existance is to balance the bullshit you freaks love to dish out. But thanks for thinking of me and my family and of course my peace and harmony.. Seems I have plenty of that everytime I take down one of your deviant brethern. Kinda like wrangling one of those 12' 900lb defenseless animals you worry about so much. You freaks do make me giggle.