Friday, May 10, 2013

21 Sex Offenders Arrested in LA County Sweep

21 Sex Offenders Arrested in LA County Sweep

So much for re-integrating sex offenders back into the community..


oncefallendotcom said...

You are must be very lonely if you are so obsessed with me you team up with AZU members to try to harass me locally. Too bad you got the wrog person this time LOL. You and your troll friends are losing your touch.

You'll be pleased to know I chased that US Marshal off from my door and he was unable to do anything but look stupid. They have no authority in compliance checks. That's why they were so very careful about how they chose what to say during the media report. That big arrest with the guns they were heralding is about to cost them. They were collector's weapons and the sheriff will be sued in court. The new sheriff should move to FloriDUH, he'd fit right in there.

More good news: I have stopped three bad bills from passing in three different states. I love watching those laws you love fall by the wayside. Enjoy your lame attempt at trolling, Val. Maybe we'll have Dr. Phil snap you back to reality... Oh, that's right. Even he felt you were a lost causes LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Valigator said...

In as much as I try Derek, I cant really envision you or (any other offender) chasing a US Marshal off your door step??? I have a good imagination but even that is a stretch..

oncefallendotcom said...

Believe it. Bitch ran off like a scalded dog. Plus I recorded the rapt when I sent him on his merry way. You see, valigatard, the US Marshals had no authority to be there. They were riding along with Sheriff Buford T Justice. They did not step one foot into MY residence. And unless they come back with a search warrant, they NEVER will. That is why they try to act nice and ask to be let in.

Seeing as how you've been reading my blogs and comments on message boards, you already know I added the audio to my old ReFORM Radio page. People are loving hearing me tell those two filthy cops to go fuck themselves.