Sunday, November 17, 2013

YEA ..over the last couple of years it became painfully obvious while this predator was "Hawking" for Donations for his pathetic website in one post he was inadvertently relaying that he was "subsidizing" his worthless efforts on another. I'll bet a hundred bucks Derek Logue's ego wont let him shut down his site..


oncefallendotcom said...

Your obsession with me has gotten out of control. Even when I don't even post anywhere you have to put my name in your carpet munching mouth. You can't leave well enough alone. I would have retired if not for your shit, so I'm going to keep fighting these laws just because it pisses you off so much. Maybe I'll even take a trip to Florida this year and take on some people. I bet you don't have the guts to try to pull a gun on my in person because if you tried I'll take it away from you and shove it DOWN your ass.

Valigator said...

Oncefallen aka StopOnlineVigilantism (Facebook)
Derek Logue Hamilton County sexual Predator Level 3 perv.

Derek You dont have the guts to come near me. You know it, I know it, the world of Pervs knows it.
I can type slow if you like, I could put 6 holes in you center mass and then show the state these post and e-mails by you. Who has the obsession? Let this be a public warning, if you come anywhere near me or my family I will kill you, and there will be NO warning or no calling 911 no chitchat NO "stop stay where you are or I will shoot" Is that understood? I think its pretty clear, you could run it thru your collection of pervs and see what they think??

Anonymous said...

All talk. You're all talk Val. You don't have the nerve to pull the trigger. You can't mess with people from a dirty cell on L-block. You like the attention too much.

Valigator said...

I suppose we could always "give it a "shot" Derek ..