Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is how stupid supporters of Child Porn offenders can be

For "sport" I occationally drift over to "families of Sex offenders" website to read what the weekly outrage and view the latest on their "precieved Persecution" is over. I wasnt disappointed unfortunately. The forum starts out: Bitching about the WAR on Child Porn: (rewdiazeapm)says "Everyone in law enforcement has fallen in love with these fake "wars" and everyone benefits----except the curious young man or the older guy who is bored and has nothing to do but "explore" to see what all is on the Internet. The young men and the older, bored guy pays---and pays dearly. UMM curious young man or bored guy?? Thats how these groups define Children being raped on the internet?? She goes on to write: It is too damn bad that our Department of Justice could not go after the Wall Street bankers and other financial corporations who helped create our economic problems with the same zeal that they use on our citizens for LOOKING---merely looking----at a naughty picture. Merely Looking?? LegalGuardian says, "We have become a nation obsessed with demonizing sex, sexuality, and so forth even though such cannot and will not be snuffed out because the human brain, especially the male human brain, is wired for sex. It is a "war" that will never die so long as man desires sex. "legalGuardian has been wallowing in crap so long she obviously has no idea the odor permeating off her. Sounds to me she has embraced the concept that sex with kids is OK? rewdiazepam chimes in with trying to equate the United States using drones with CP WTF? "In order to get all these laws passed and to help law enforcement (the "good" guys ha ha) stop child porn, they have to constantly remind the citizens that they are only protecting the children and the children's welfare is at stake here. At the same time they demonize anyone downloading child porn as a "predator" or "pedophile." Yet the same country, the USA, that purports to love children so much has no qualms blowing the arms and legs off innocent children with a drone in Yemen or cutting off food stamps to low income families, which includes children. Or invading a country without provacation and causing the displacement of thousands of children." another broad who has layed in the gutter so long she cant smell herself!!


Valigator said...

LinaCarl: a fairly new simpleton likes to equate Child Porn with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our foods,Immunizations and wait for it..Pharmaceutical drugs - Many children required to take meds for ADHD and depression, with dire side effects, some commit suicide.
(I wonder if she ever thought to equate child sexual abuse with any "dire consequences"???

Valigator said...

As an outsider looking in to read these rants by the wives, mothers and girlfriends of these sex offenders it isnt amazing anymore to me how far they sink to "excuse" the offenders behavor then proceed to blame it on the "government" on the "system" on any and everything but "deviant behavor" that is not and will not be tolerated by a healthy society. The over-riding theme with these hapless broads is the collective agreement that CP is simply a "curious and or bored guy's recreational activity and should not be prosecuted". I guess when you live in shit for so long "You quit smelling it" as these women prove..