Sunday, November 29, 2015

The "girls" are in a tizzy. The audience is on edge,  In one corner of the ring is the "legendary Pedo" Derek Logue, weighing in at a hefty 265 but soft pounds and in the other corner is the "Narcissistic groper" of small children  Shaun Webb, notoriously slow and evenly weighted.

The public has waited with baited breath to see these two meet head to head that only two child molesters can bring to the mat with ferocity and dimly lit wit. ahh yes ladies and gentleman the title is up for grabs as to which one of these infamous felons can walk away unscathed and maintain the reputation of the dumbest fuckin rock in the box.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh and then they wonder why they cant get anywhere with there fight........funny to watch still lol.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but what Shaun done is inexcusable. I can never trust him after the shit he pulled this past month. He hasn't really done anything for the cause, except shamelessly promote his books. I have him more than enough chances over the years but his attitude is insufferable.

I can't trust anyone who runs to Valerie Parkhurst.

Valigator said...

ummm. Can we spell bi-polar?