Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ian Matthew Woods being released

Cheryl Griffiths - AKA Equal Justice AKA Willgotonineveh AKA Your Royal Hiney - "previous" COO of SOSEN.""" Mother of Ian Matthew Woods"""" - a sexual predator held under civil commitment in Florida

12500 US Highway 19 N # 102
Clearwater, FL 33764-7210
Pinellas COUNTY

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Valigator said...

As his mother Cheryl Griffith said in her post :
The one reason I am not CRAZY about him being committed is because I can see how his behavior was escalating over time.
Perhaps his being where he is has kept him from doing something worse (like raping someone). In another thread you were talking about exhibitionists and OCD. Your post really struck me. That is what my son likes to do. He is also a compulsive masturbate. I think this is going to be hard for him to kick...altho he has NEVER done it in public at the Center (that I know of). Yea Right

Cheryl Griffith Inside and outside of the S.O.S.E.N. online forums Cheryl consistently made a name for herself by placing the blame for the actions of sex offenders, like her son, upon victims of sexual abuse and society at large; Cheryl's aggression towards victims knew no bounds, describing them as "disgusting" and claiming that there's not anything lower than someone who describes the sexual abuse they suffered.

All I can say is Clearwater better look out.