Sunday, February 15, 2015

Poor "Coastie"

Poor little Coastie (Utah) over at "families of sex offenders" must be off his meds again. Obviously that "treatment" at Lifestar hasnt helped him a bit. Perhaps someone should reach out to Linda and alert her to his unstable behavor and she can bring him back to "group" before he hurts himself.

Coastie (6) years in Coast Guard and a couple in ARNG Army national Guard lost all his standing due to his illegal habit of surfing for Underage Porn and blames the world for it.

His occupation as a welder/machinist isn't too lucrative, considering how much time he spends on the internet its no wonder.  Since his parents live close enough they may need to do an intervention with this freak. When Coastie isn't slumming on God knows what sites he brags about his alone time with his nephews Logan and Ian and how "trustworthy" his family "thinks he is" ..

Guess some of us may have to reach out to mom and DAD at the body shop  and sent them Coastie's rants on the web..

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