Saturday, May 3, 2014


I was reminded this am of how some people especially in the pro sex offender arena can behave like a "shoal of sardines" who ball together on instinct regardless of what or where the sharks are in the water. Seems smbr7996 (prison groupie) married a rapist with multiple charges of sexual assaults by the name of Philip McCarty. Looks like Mr. McCarty was released and rather than focusing on the straight and narrow and his unusually hefty new bride, he decided the thrill of another forced sexual assault would rock his world. Now the state of Texas has determined if it walks like a duck, its a quackin and Mr. McCarty needs to be "civilly committed" due to the very real determination by multiple voodoo doctors that his sexual instincts are still very much bipedal in his particular stage of human evolution. SO smbr7996 found herself a free "sign my petition" website and asked all the other sardines at "families of Sex offenders" to sign the "half truthful" description of his circumstances in a plea for her "husbands release". Of course they all "responded in a syncrinized fashion obliging this dimwit by adding their John Does. What none took the time to do was actually research Mr. McCarty to determine he is indeed a "bug that should be kept under glass". Various doctors have described Mr. McCarty as and I quote: The experts’ testimony regarding the evidence surrounding the three attempted-sexual-assault convictions was sufficient to support a finding that McCarty was a sexually violent predator.The record reveals that McCarty pleaded guilty to and was convicted of three offenses of attempted sexual assault, and he acknowledged during his trial testimony that he committed those offenses. Both experts testified to McCarty’s risk factors for reoffending with a sexually violent offense: escalation of behavior that becomes increasingly deviant, violent, or abnormal; pattern of sexually deviant behavior from age twelve through adulthood; history of antisocial behavior and difficulty controlling his impulses; history of difficulty following rules and laws; reoffending with a sexually violent offense after completion of the sentences for the first two offenses; failure to recognize a need for sex offender treatment; minimization and rationalization of his offenses; drug abuse history; and an unstable relationship history.The jury determines the credibility of the witnesses, weighs the testimony and the other evidence, resolves any conflicts in the evidence, and draws reasonable inferences from basic facts to "ultimate facts". And these broads Say,"I Have problems"?? Funny.


Anonymous said...

Oh she's on FB on Prison Wife Connection cursing and crying about this and posting his petition also. The woman is as crazy as her violent husband. What is really wild is that she admits that she "was there" when "all this happened" - are we to assume that she should also go on trial for accessory to the crime? withholding evidence? impeding an investigation? she's a complete lunatic.

Valigator said...

Thanks I'll have to take a look at that..

Anonymous said...

First of all not sure who u all r but before yall start trashing someone maybe u should know all facts. U really need to get a life and when I find out who both of u r there will be problems for slandering peoples names without know the full story. Now u can either remove this or face charges of slander u got ur choice.

Valigator said...

slandering people? Umm yea I wanna be a fly on the wall when you walk into some attorney's office and tell him your claim of woe. That big bad Valigator "slandered my name "smbr7996" and now I want to sue!!! Sweetie you got bigger problems than worrying about me and the rest of the world casually observing what an embarrassment You are to the female species..

Valigator said...

In re Commitment of Philip McCarty

Case No. 09-12-00083-CV (TX Ct. App. 9, Jun. 27, 2013)

Philip McCarty challenges his civil commitment as a sexually violent predator. See Tex. Health & Safety Code Ann. §§ 841.001-.151 (West 2010 & Supp. 2012). He raises jurisdictional, constitutional, evidentiary, and fundamental-error challenges, and he argues the evidence is legally and factually insufficient to support a finding that he is a sexually violent predator. We find no reversible error in any of the issues. The trial court’s judgment is therefore "affirmed".


The State was required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that McCarty is a sexually violent predator. Id. § 841.062(a) (West 2010). A person is a “sexually violent predator” if he is a repeat sexually violent offender and suffers from a behavioral abnormality that makes him likely to engage in a predatory act of sexual violence. Id. § 841.003(a) (West 2010). A “behavioral abnormality” is “a congenital or acquired condition that, by affecting a person’s emotional or volitional capacity, predisposes the person to commit a sexually violent offense, to the extent that the person becomes a menace to the health and safety of another person.” Id. § 841.002(2) (West Supp. 2012).


McCarty pleaded guilty to two offenses of attempted sexual assault in 2002 and, under a plea bargain, received five-year concurrent sentences. Within seven months after his 2007 release from prison, he was charged with another attempted sexual assault. McCarty pleaded guilty and received a five-year sentence under another plea bargain.

Anonymous said...

As I stated u remove this blog or be facing more problems u r slandering the wrong ones in ur little blog. U dont know us and u also dont know anything about the full facts the case but what u think u r finding online well get a life and stop with all this getting I to other lives thinking u r doing good when in fact u r doing nothing. So remove this.

Valigator said...

As usual you pro pervs have an issue "explaining" your various positions. Exactly What do you want removed??? This particular forum? this entire blog? "full facts of "what case"? Are you referring to the Mccarty case or some other reference stated here?

You obviously have a problem understanding how these things work. You don't bluff ME, you don't demand anything from ME, I don't respond well to "demands" by anonymous readers. I'll be gracious and inform you how this works, Call an attorney set up a consult, whine and cry to him or her how "damaged" you are by my blog, negotiate your fees, (if you win, if you lose) YOUR attorney sends me a registered letter, I call my Lawyers and we agree to meet at a new place down on the beach to try it out, we shoot the shit and catch up on family and friends. I give him the letter, He smiles and places it in a file (without opening it) and we decide the oysters might be good. He picks up the tab, pays for the valet and we all go back to doing what we do. Have you got that?

7996smbr said...

I have no issue explaining anything since u dont know the meaning of remove this blog as I have stated now two other times let me put it in terms u just might understand. U need to delete this whole blog as u dont know the full story and to be sitting around trying to dig into others lives when u have no clue of the whole case. Just because u may have and issue with a sex offender does not give u the rights to bash every sex offender there is and to use terms that r so far from the truth as to calling Philip a rapist is slander and is punishable by law and a lot of other things that u have stated in this blog is also far from the truth. Now when u start bashing someones name as you ha e done to Philip you have gone to far. Also what u have stated about his wifeu again where out of line. So until u know all the facts of a case u have no buisness writing anything or even putting your nose where it does not belong. Now if u r so worried about sex offenders worry about them in your area whatever but know all the facts before u start to slander someones name. If u ask me u r so far worse then Philip. U seem to think that it is ok to go pull guns on people because of there past and then think that u did nothing wrong well u did everything wrong whe. U did this valerie parkhurst. Now as I said delete this whole blog u have slandered the wrong persons husband.

Valigator said...

Crack me up

""" If u ask me u r so far worse then Philip""""

You have been tweeting too long, so tell us just how bad is PHILIP?? Those voodoo doctors still showing him ink spots to determine if he can control his zipper?

This original Post was almost a year ago, I doubt many people have thought about your husband since it was posted, so I'll just thank you and (he can also) for calling attention to the blog in Google and upping the viewership.