Monday, April 21, 2014

"Joe Smith" Florida transitions drop out.

I just hate being right ALL the TIME. Ran into old Joe on some forum about sex offenders. Jow being the cocky unrepentent, hostile, take to the bank a recidivist had been residing at Florida Transitions in "FLORIDA"S attempt to make him re-integrate and mainstream back into society. Seems this was not a fruitful effort. But I digress. Offenders being notoriously stupid and Joe Smith being a poster child for that stupidity, made mention of his "residency" there and I being "observant" made a mental note of that some time ago. Now I assumed he was still residing there and put a quick e-mail to Florida Transitions "wondering" how Mr. Smith could spend his days on tax exempt, state funded computers all day promoting RSOL aka NAMBLA propaganda? Seemed a reasonable request? Well the response I got was in minoseconds from the "Handlers" at FT's. and I quote" Dear Ms. Parkhurst, I thank you for your concern. I believe the individual your possibly referring to may actually be a person named Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was terminated from this program over two years ago, and is not allowed in this community for many reasons. We are extremely diligent and have had many successes transitioning offenders, unfortunately Mr. Smith was not one of them. We have since bantered once or twice and its unanimous, Mr. Smith needs a "come to Jesus Moment"..I think I will give him one. But this does open a door, when the Joe Smiths of the world crash and burn in the step down programs, what happens???

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Anonymous said...

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