Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Big surprise, the offender is always the Victim (choke)

duppydoozy wrote on Familes of sex offenders that the guy she is banging (and a convicted sex offender) is being slandered by HIS Ex. she writes: . but now I see she started a Facebook group for my local area where she is posting registrations info for my local area and she is posting registration information daily. she has has no boundaries and is dangerous and capable of really doing damage, she is very vengeful..she is capable of putting an innocent person in jail, and she even has her daughter who is the supposed to victim on this fb group. what rights do family members have? especially if there is slander? Umm Slander duppydoozy? Registration info isnt slander its fact. Whats more disturbing is she infers the Victim wasnt a victim at all she and her pillow perv partner are? "she has no boundaries"?? One must ponder what duppydesperate considers "boundaries"and or Dangerous"? Sounds like the ex was attempting to "Warn" this new girlfriend about the propensity of this freak to prey on children, but duppydoozy takes offense to that warning and of course all the other "less than mother of the year" members seem to agree with her?? The bottom line is the Mother of the victim is now the enemy,a Sadist,a sociopath or a psychopath whereas the other syfunctional members go on to feed duppydesperate the webster defined definitions of the aforementioned descriptions. As I have maintained for years, these groups and their members have wallowed in shit for so long they cant even smell it anymore.

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Valigator said...

The comments in this Nest of Snakes just keep getting better and better ..these genius's have speculated at this point the motives for the ex posting on Facebook is she must feel "jilted" by the freak who molested her daughter, or she must have been molested as a child and now feels the need for revenge..umm amazing these people cant even wrap their head around the fact that the possibility of a real victim is at play here. This group reminds me an alligator farm when they throw the carcasses of chickens into feed..