Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stranded triplets' dad arrested on sex offender violation

Stranded triplets' dad arrested on sex offender violation

Lets see if those "compassionate" Pro offender groups will step up to the plate for this family???

Where are you Vicki Henry??


Anonymous said...

Don't speak as if you care. I see you created a fake GoFundMe account to try to con people out of money. Are you trying to add fraud to your growing list of crimes?

Valigator said...

I see that 19 degree weather is getting to you Derek. I also noticed not one of your "pro-perv" members stepped up to the plate for this family. I don't give a damn about him. I give a damn about those kids who didn't ask to be brought into this shithole life the parents introduced them to. I also noticed the people who defended this couple on the forum didn't step up to help either by donations or even mentioning it on their facebook pages. Perhaps you should slum over to "Families of sex offenders" and post their needs over there. Then we can read that they really would "like" to help but "they can barely take care of themselves" and round and round we go.

oncefallendotcom said...

Watching you spin a story is always funny to watch. I wouldn't trust you with a single penny. Who is going to believe a drunken, racist gun nut who can't keep her pistols in her holster and who talks so much about sticking needles in the arms of registered citizens to take $5000 and drive 1168 miles to Houston to hand deliver the check? You are hilarious!

AZUnites had a field day with your latest scheme. Have fun spending years explaining that away.

Valigator said...

Actually as it stands now the "donations" would go to the Texas Nurses Association and they would dispense the funds. What? pissed off you didn't think of going to the GoFundSite to swindle some donations for your bullshit "vacation" in Florida?

I think we both know I don't need to publically grovel for funds like you do Derek. Just isn't my style..

Valigator said...

Oh and I notice you and Gail have had a falling out, what? she finally figure out you really are an "albatross around her neck"? A "stain" on her efforts? A "blight on the butt of humanity", A "boil on the backside of mankind"? too bad, you could have used her for your visit to Floriduh... guess you and the rest of your pervs will have to check into a Budget Inn. Be careful, I hear they are loaded with sex offenders...(smilely face)

Valigator said...

Look at the bright side Derek, I am the only one who truly appreciates what a perfectly "bad example" you really are. With that appreciation comes the fact I still banter with you to allow that dark insight of a depraved mind to "shine" thru to the public. Thru me they can witness first hand when I profile a freak doesn't balance his meds, blames his victim (s) and aligns himself with any perv who gives him hero status. Come to think of it Derek, I should get a management fee from you.

Valigator said...

I doubt I have seen a flurry of attention given to the "goFundmeSite" compared to much of anything else I have written.

Seems I have "perplexed" my enemies to no end. They act like a "fox has invaded the hen house". Its actually quite interesting watching them scurrying around like rats attempting to dissect my motives.

Some speculate I must have some "fraudulent" intention, Umm like $5000.00 dollars would be worth throwing my name away for, (humorous really) and others are just plain flabbergasted.

What's interesting is they seem more surprised by the Fund-site than when their homes were raided by a swat team. One does have to wonder what actually effects some of these people.

Its obvious the horrendous circumstances the Session family has found themselves in don't care what my motives may be if it helps them.

Let's be clear. I don't much give a damn about Derrick Session and his legal tribulations. I figure he got what he deserved up until a point. That point was the FTR charge he got after pleading to the public on TV about the horrendous situation the family was enduring. ESPECIALLY after the medical issues of the triplets. I got a multitude of true sociopaths slithering the streets like sludge and the system takes the time to arrest this guy NOW?? That's hit me the wrong way.

So the daily strength crowd can put to rest that I have not changed my spots, I have not diminished my stance on this issue and I am adamant that the "system" could have exercised more discretion in this matter.

None of the skeptics concerns really matter, and this isn't about me, it has and still remains a problem for the babies.

The one over-riding glaring aspect of this is NOT RSOL, SOSEN, WAR or any other pro perv group even made mention of this family, which verifies the fact these people will cannibalize their own given ten minutes in room with 20 bucks on the floor.