Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sex offender charged with using false name online - News

Sex offender charged with using false name online - News


Anonymous said...

Not a good day for pro witch hunt people like u val. First a state court decision in ca sayin screw the residency restrictions, theyre bogus, and also New York saying civil confinement is a sham. Ur house of cards is falling apart Val

Valigator said...

Funny how you think anything to do with sex offender terms and conditions is "My house of cards". I am flattered. California and New York are notoriously liberal states that "fold like a house of cards" on just about any issue. To think any decisions that come out of either of these states are "public oriented" is a joke. Time will tell if their decisions are prudent or not. I don't have a problem with states or jurisdictions implementing new policies if the transparency and oversight of those policies are thoroughly vetted with all agencies involved and coordinating with each other. But that ship has sailed long ago and what we will be left with are headlines of dead kids and clusters of sex offenders sitting around in parks drinking beer, speaking Spanish and scoring drugs.

concerned S.O. said...

all the registry has done has created a lot of scared people, who arent smart enough to differenciate, when generations before had to rely on good parenting. Home sales near sex offeners drop. And for what, its no safer today than it was 20 yrs ago before the craze of naming and shaming started. Well u arent capitalizing on it the way ahearn and walsh and klaas do, but at least ur tryin. I

Valigator said...

(1)all the registry has done has created a lot of scared people, who arent smart enough to differenciate

"I have always advocated a person do their "homework" before they tear an offenders world upside down. No where have you read differently from me. If you bothered to read my blog, rather than do a cursory hit and run, You would see that I have been very adamant about teaching people to link the public resources that are available to them prior to reacting. I can unequivocally say to you with every fiber of my being its a lot "worse" than people realize! In the last two days alone, 2 offenders have been released onto the streets that (1)should have never seen the light of day and (2) One should have been deported, prior to the second of three criminal history Pages showed up on my streets!

Persons has yourself and "especially registrants" should crawl off the "we are really nice guys but made a mistake" pages and look at what corrections are releasing onto the public streets. YOU are competing with these guys for "footage" and "resources" and how your Pro offender groups can universally advocate for abolishment of residency restrictions and or the registry itself is beyond me. But then again, Your Groups have never met a perv they wouldn't defend, now would they?

Valigator said...

(2)its no safer today than it was 20 yrs ago

It is no safer due to the very real fact of "sex offender policies" of releasing these people back out to "feed" off another generation of kids that often breeds dysfunctional behavior. Convicts cant keep "blurring" the lines of where personal sexual boundaries begin and end to the vulnerable. Its a perpetuating generational "clusterfuck" that leaves society in shambles. The "we are not any safer" comment is not due to any registry, its due to the fact your buddies cant keep their zippers up around those the law spells not to touch and figure they will "play the odds" of not getting caught. Pretty simple actually.