Saturday, December 29, 2012

dont these numb-nuts Know they make my arguments for me???

On the topic of :
Change the way we treat sex offenders? From the Forum "families of Sex offenders" at Daily strength

justinthomas133 writes: So because I have a problem that I was "born" with I am expected to be on that list for the rest of my life? No thanks. I was "diagnosed with pedophilia "exclusive to boys and girls. So because of that I have to be shamed forever? No thanks. I'll do my 10 years on the registry and move on.

Im so tired of people telling me that I should KILL myself because I downloaded child pornography. I say go fuck youself because YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE about me. I was molested multiple times as a child. Because I didnt seek any treatment for my incidents I ended up going down a very bad path in pornography.

Now this is interesting, first this idiot swears he was "born" with the problem and in the next breath blames his dysfuntion on the fact HE was molested and didnt seek treatment..Wonder which one he used in front of the judge??  Makes my point that the abused often grow into abusers, and these freaks cannot connect the dots of wanting to keep these pathetic examples of DNA away from our children..


Valigator said...

and of course Peeachu or whatever her name is chimes in:
""You have as much right to live a decent life as anyone else. Are there any ways you can get some face-to-face support? Sounds like the preferences you were born with have created a lot of pain for you. Not because of you, but because of the difficulty of living in a world that constantly wants to mob you! Stay away from those passive-aggressive bullies.""

Preferences YOU WERE BORN WITH? Valigator doesnt think so, Valigator thinks if that were true? it would be good cause to terminate! and I would change my stance on abortion..

Anonymous said...

You know what's really cool? I'm not one of them sex offenders you like to play with, so I don't give the first fuck about your threats. I do, however, take great offense with the fact that you think you're the boss. When you live in a glass house, throwing stones isn't the best idea.

Valigator said...

Thats it? Thats all ya got? c'mon hurry up and give me something better than that..I have a couple of parties to go to..while you most likely will be charging that ankle bracelet..

Anonymous said...

You know who I am? Your worst nightmare, that's who. I'm going to be under your skin every day until you let these people alone. They have enough problems without your nastiness adding to it. I know people (Davie police people) who don't care much for you. Maybe it'll be you charging your ankle bracelet sooner than you know what? Maybe your computer use should be monitored. Hey Val...quack fucking quack bitch.

Valigator said...

Nah that one didnt "blow my skirt up" either..oops should be more careful with terminology like that around you guys..

I'll let you in on a little secret,shhh..I already assume my computer is monitored and you should also..with this administration. So no points there.
My worst nightmare? umm now that should be interesting "let the games begin" as they say..ok what else?
Davie Police? Davie police cant find thier ass's with their own two hands and I have made no secret to them about that..ok what else?
Walks like a duck ,quacks like a duck must be a duck .. unless of course its a sex offender then its just a devious peice of shit dressed like a sheep..ok have to blow dry my hair..damn have to watch using those terms around pervs like yourself..could be a trigger...cracks me up

Anonymous said...

wow. you're a very bitter, biased woman. enjoy your life living with those blinders on.

Valigator said...

actually I think I am surprizingly insightful and have a wonderful balanced dose of humor considering the subject matter.

What? I am biased because I find sexual abuse towards the vulnerable repulsive? Wonder if we did a survey how many people would agree with that?

We could start a poll if you like I believe the website has the ability to handle that..putz