Saturday, December 15, 2012

37 foreign sex offenders arrested in sweep | sex, arrested, people - News - The Orange County Register

37 foreign sex offenders arrested in sweep | sex, arrested, people - News - The Orange County Register


Valigator said...

Our counntry is coming up on over 730,000 sex offenders. Over 200,000 are foriegn criminal illegal aliens with sex offender status..

There is no earthly reason these convicts werent deported the very second their sentences (if they recieved one) were up. A van ride to the airport, board a Marshall's plane sitting on the tarmac fueled up and revving to go..

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find it funny that you bash those who may be innocent inspite of being 'found' guilty.

You bash and chastize, YET .... YET, you are moderating all comments.

You are a sick, twisted, biased bigot valigator a.k.a. Valerie Parkhurst.

I DARE you post approve this for all to read .... I DARE YOU!!!!!

Better yet, I DARE you to open your forum free from moderation.

You're afraid to handle repercussions, that's why you moderate your blog .... YOU COWARD!!!!

You're not a sex offender's worst nightmare ... YOU'RE A DAMN COWARD AND A COLD, CALCULATING SOUL.


Valigator said...

ya happy numb-nuts???

"feel better"!!! all that rage, means I must be doing a good job. I'll take that as a compliment..

Anonymous said...

Well, I would say you're doing a good job and not one word of mine should be construed as a compliment.

The rage I have is against those who CHOOSE to remain uneducated about the FACTS.

I sincerely hope and PRAY that one of your children are falsely accused of a sex crime. And I PRAY that there is NO alternative but Prison. All it takes is someone to point a finger, you know, retribution ... didn't think it would go that far.

You can whine, complain and carry on Ms. Val. But, I would be the one to save your ass from a car wreck, a burning building or whatnot.

Why, you ask?? Because I can't ignore the fact that you bleed, feel pain, hurt. Yeah, Yeah .... I just may have a shred of humanity (even pity) for someone like you.

And so, you let my comment through ... you didn't remove the moderator block.

Valigator said...

How many places do I have to write it? I am not removing the Moderator block..why should I? Ya get your panties in a twist and ban anyone who doesnt "praise" your precious sex offenders over on your bitch and moan "families of sex offender" site. Think about it? Really put on your thinking cap and ask yourself? Why would I turn this site into a freeforall for "oneofthem" "Derek" or a so aptly named "Lifegonewrong" and numerous other numbnuts who do nothing but seek validation for their "Less than well thought out life choices and now let me cry about it" members. Oh and any innocent guy, wouldnt align themselves with this collection of losers, so ply that crap to someone else..