Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally a lowlife sex offender admits the truth

Westley Allan Dodd

Executed in Washington on Janurary 5, 1993 for molesting and killing 2 children.

“I was once asked by somebody, I don’t remember who, if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said no. I was wrong.”

At least he admitted he was wrong? And now we know of one way to stop a sex offender… catch him and have him executed. Westley Dodd endured the first legal hanging (as per his own request) in the United States since 1965.


Anonymous said...

And you too, harbor a lot of anger. Were you abused yourself? Did anyone reach out to you, or offer help?

Let me tell you this much, I was incarcerated for a crime I did not commit. My case was re-opened by one solid lead.

I am inching closer to clearing my name. And when I do, I'll be bitching and whining all the way to the bank.

I can only thank God that I'm not one of the people on Death Row, facing execution, only to be posthumously exonorated.

But, I'm not here to change your mind and vice-versa.I'm just thankful I have a loving family and wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Ms. Parkhurst.

Valigator said...

Ya might want to check into that Bi-polar thing...just saying..

Valigator said...

I know its kinda hard for you to think this far out, but why would you profess your so-called innocence and wrongly accused bullshit under "Westley Allan Dodd" wait dont tell me, He was falsely accused also???

Valigator said...

Oh and I'll make it easy for ya,

here is a link to your so-called innocence argument.
I keep telling you guys dont try and "bullshit a bullshitter".

With the advent of newer DNA testing, your innocent guy argument who mistakenly got the needle is moot.

Anonymous said...

I feel terribly sorry for you. How can you hate the way you hate? I fear your radical views more than any sex offender. I don't, however, fear you individually. You're a lonely, mentally ill alcoholic with nothing else to do except harrass the public. There's a lot of fun things to do in life...why don't you give some of those things a try? I pray for you Ms. need them.

Valigator said...

yea you keep telling yourself that, I want you to tell yourself that! makes my job that much for me..I am a nobody, a deranged mentally ill woman who just happens to pick on sex for me.. so I guess the next time I lean into that congressmans ear and say "oh by the way" and "bam" that legislation miraculously appears on the table? You can blame it on some drunk who is lonely and talks to herself ..yea works for me..face it sweetie nobody likes a sex offender..and when the day comes you finally realize your going nowhere trying to "free" all of might want to rethink your the blog read "all" the blog..then come back to me, until then? Your wasting everyones's time..

Valigator said...

P.S. dont pray for me numb-nuts..pray for the next kid who is laying in their bed right now while your buddies walk in unzipping their pants. I do just fine..along with the men I surround myself with in my life..

Valigator said...

Run back and read the pathetic post on your favorite forum, the daily Stength "families of sex offenders" it is enough to make another woman puke. You people are so dysfunctional you need your own registries, let alone a license to breed. Your so entangled with fucked up men you will make any excuse to stay with them. and if that wasnt bad enough you preface your defieant stance with a cursory "I also was abused as a child"???WTF when are you going to get the fact we need to keep these freaks AWAY from the general public. How many generations of abuse does it take for most of you women to grasp its not acceptable?? How many excuses of one too many budweisers and too much porn is it going to take to figure out your breeding another generation of "fucked up people"?? That directly infringe on MY "child's wellbeing"? Your fucked up, face it and deal with it, and after you have done that? Quit embarrassing the female species by making excuses for it!!!We dont use our kids to get off!! what about that you people dont get??Better pray for own kids, I kept mine away from that shit..

Anonymous said...

Valigator said, "I do just fine..along with the men I surround myself with in my life.."

Are you aware of what that makes you sound like?? And as for DNA testing, they never wanted to do that. Why might you ask?? A crime wasn't committed and the County would have NO CASE!!

Ok, Valerie, back to you're group of men ... I hear that train a-comin'

And me?? Bi-polar?? LMFAO!!! I really don't think so Sweetie Pie. You seem to be entertaining enough LMAO!!!!

I'm wonder if you happen to know the face of EVERY sex offender out there, and IF you've even passe by one. One might have even held a door for you, cashed you out, fed you .. ever stop to think about that??

Valigator said...

I am getting bored unless you can bring anything to the table other than trying to define "anonymous" personality traits go ahead and run back to a forum that will "yes you to death" ..