Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why am I surprised?

I have always maintained sex offenders and or their advocates have no boundaries when it comes to "anything sex offender" was a New Low ..I accidently ran across Marc Klass's facebook page. I doubt I need to remind most of you but his daughter was kidnapped out of her sleeping bed, raped and murdered by a career criminal . Marc started the Polly Klass Foundation that has helped stiffen sentences for sex offenders and educate the public of their dangers in our society. Sex Offenders and their advocacy groups "hate him" along with many other parents of murdered children and will literally go to great lengths to defame or antagonize them thru a key board. Today was a new Low. Maddy Farfan (our little illegal) who muliple family of convicted sex offenders and gang bangers posted on Marc Klass's facebook page a picture that even I thought was beyond the boundaries of even basic good taste, but what does a (border crosser) know about good taste when they lay waste to a country and their citizens like Maddy's family has. After the picture was posted? Shana Rowan RSOL put her seal of approval on it with a "like" .
Here is the picture: You tell me, who post something like this on a parent of a murdered child's website??


oncefallendotcom said...

You are so fucking stupid you can't tell the difference between Hispanic and Asian. Keep showing your stupidity, Val, you are making the rest of the vigilante douchebags look stupid.

Valigator said...

another Sat. nite Uh? Poor smitty obviously your as gullible as your girlfriends have always been..Half asian half mexican sweetie. I have her info, either way both halves shouldn't be standing on US soil..but if you prefer we can cut her in half and send the pieces back to their respective county of origins, works for me..and you honestly don't believe a vigilante can ever look as stupid as a sexual predator who has a documented death wish, do ya?

oncefallendotcom said...

There you go confusing me for other people again. How drunk are you tonight? I'm not "Smitty," but I know him. Even if I was him, Ohio has no laws against registrants being on Facebook.

You are getting more blatant with your comments. Are you suggesting killing Maddy? You are so stupid.

By the way, nice try with the threatening letters. I've lived here for years and my neighbors don't bother me and I don't bother them. In fact, if those letters actually existed, which they don't, then I'd be given them by said neighbors, because they know it is evidence in a criminal and civil trial.

You better watch yourself before you get sued out of your own home. I hear FloriDUH properties sell at a premium these days and I can imagine your suburban home becoming the next Randy Young property :)

oncefallendotcom said...

By the way, I am reporting your comment about Maddy as a threat. We all know your criminal history.

Valigator said...

Now wasnt that easier to come over to this site Derek where I keep you around for sport and you dont have that pesky "facebook" violation hanging over your head?

Someone in your apartment building sent me a message here (after they googled you) and found me. They stated they recieved transcripts with links to comments made by you that were "troubling".. and that you never bothered anyone and seemed polite. They verified the links before contacting me and were disgusted and angry you could sit in the same building and spew the "vile" comments you do.
Your not an island unto your self Derek, People get pissed and angry when you confront them so viciously especially you having sexual predator status and posting every miserable aspect of your life. You should look around my blog Derek about angry offenders and the holes they dig for themselves..(textbook offender behavior and Red Flags" should ring a loud bell for ya..what are you gonna do when you push someone's button so hard you get a knock on your door for illegal internet activity that is restricted by Ohio state laws??The cops already hate your guts, they would run you thru the mill for fun, Christine gonna bail ya out ?
Face it Derek (smitty), you dont have too many safe places to land..and I could afford to chew you up and spit you out all day every day and keep your Free (for a month) Lawyers tied up for years. Then I would have to counter sue, garnish those pathetic minimum wages you earn and for what Derek? a Pissin contest?? I aint gonna be with ya always kid, better learn from me now.
Oh and numbnuts its not all states policy to ban sex offenders, its Facebooks ..makes it kinda moot dont ya think?

Valigator said...

Yea you go ahead and jump thru those hoops Derek..Hell If I knew you were gonna go thru that trouble I would have made a real good threat "Like calling Immigration"...Sorry I am laughing visualizing you beaten on a keyboard googling all kinds of report a threat links and your head spinning like a top. Get something to eat kid your low blood sugar and your lack of stabilizing meds are all cattywampus..

Valigator said...

I am always appreciative when you bring my "criminal history" into play Derek, that way I dont have too..see how well we get along???

oncefallendotcom said...

You are digging a deeper hole for yourself with every comment. If you google my name, you aren't on the first page.

You insist on calling me "Smitty." Even EU admits I always go by my rel name. When I want to show you up, I come to your turf and speak my mind.

I know you sent the letters because there is no way anyone would pick you over the other sites. We all know you work with Cynthia Harvey.

Another thing, I have the 1st Amendment right to talk shit about whoever I please, be it Lungsfull, John Waalsh and his wife he mt in college while she was in high school, or Marc lacks Klaas.

Funny thing is, I never heard anything from anyone until someone with a Facebook account called me about your silly post, and only then was there even a peep about it. Unlike you, I'm not sweating this. You think I give a flying fuck about what the neighbors think? It's none of their business. They can complain but they obviously don't have the balls to say anything about it.

You are delusional if you think your little letter writing campaign is going to do anything but get you in legal trouble. You better start saving for that day in court because a lawsuit is heading your way. I suggest getting a bowl of Skyline chili while you're here, it's good stuff. Take your gielfriend Cynthia, she won't be left out, either.

And as far as imagining things go, you should know a lot about imagining things that aren't real. Go ahead and imagine neighbors protesting and conspiring all you want, if it makes you feel good. But the reality is, today was as quiet around here as it has always been.

In the meantime I'll be laughing at your futility. Next time you'll learn from the real master instead of a bulldyke cunt who can't tell the difference between a role-play costume and a University of Cincinnati Bearcat windbreaker.

oncefallendotcom said...

And the funny thing about lawsuits, you'll spend your own money on defense. I don't have limitless money but what I have is untouchable.

It is past time I show you the error of your ways. I'd leave your guns at home, by the way, gun crimes get hard time up here in Ohio.

oncefallendotcom said...

Amazing what an afternoon of digging on you uncovers these days.

Valigator said...

I am so flattered you would spend an "afternoon" on Me kid ..

But shouldn't you be spending a "little" more time "educating the public on preventing sex crimes"? Isn't that what you people say you work so tirelessly on, that and hawking donations for your altruistic good works for children???

oncefallendotcom said...

An afternoon? Nah that was up in less than an hour. Keep on talking, because the more you talk, the deeper you dig. You may be untouchable because of your connections in FloriDUH, but here in Ohio, you are nothing but a stalker.

I got off the phone with the landlord and they told me they had no complaints. I asked my neighbors and so far no one has seen a "letter." Maybe you should check your reading glasses because they must've went to the wrong address. It is a shame too because without those letters, there is nothing to prove, so lucky for you. You better hope I don't get a hold of one of those letters.

I would have guessed someone your age would remember how the postal service works. Those wonderful postmarks tell a lot about origin.

So go ahead, keep on talking, it makes my job of proving you've crossed the line much easier. Enjoy my new article.

Valigator said...

Haven't you got a wink of sleep last night..Oh silly me..that's right you can collect disability checks off the backs of the taxpayers while you troll the parents of murdered children's websites and harass them so I suppose in between those two things you can sleep anytime right? Collecting Disability and working at what was that store "Kroger" yea that's it and the other place with your rpg costume. I see you still haven't looked in Webster's for the definition of "Stalking" Derek, you signed in my site remember? Not to worry you amuse me so I like keeping you around ..Of course that cop in Sanford might not like you posting his kids picture so I can't promise who he knows in Ohio, but I'll ask him anyway to help ya out. Where do you get most of your misinformation Derek? What a piece here, piece there and figure you'll infer it goes together? Oh that's right you see yourself as a novelist and figure "fiction, non-fiction" ah hell I'll toss a coin?? Not to worry you lose more sleep over this crap than I do..
Derek, you cant keep a job bagging groceries at Kroger's, I damn sure don't hold much hope out for you taking on the JOB of proving anything. But if it keeps your hands off kids? I'll be happy to help in the get something to eat yet? Be careful those sexual predator mugshots have you tipping at 300lbs lately.

oncefallendotcom said...

You think you are funny but we'll see who gets the last laugh when you are forced out of your home due to rising legal costs. You've done plenty of crying and worrying over losing your home over the years due to your history of harassment over the years, and for Florida, your house isn't worth a whole lot. We have properties in my community that far exceed the value of your little shanty.

What you don't seem to understand is the difference between flame warring and harassment. You can call me whatever you want, because I return the favor by making fun of your hair, your temper, your alcoholism, your own criminal record, and your mental illnesses.

However, your lame attempt at causing personal strife in my life failed miserably by sending out those letters, and have crossed the line into the illegal. You need to read up on the limits of free speech. It is one thing to talk shit but another to try to incite riots by telling lies to my neighbors.

But it isn't that big a deal because like I said, the landlord had no complaints, and the neighbors I have spoken with assumed it was junk mail since you were too cowardly to add a return address. It was a nice try, though, but I live in a neighborhood that doesn't panic over some petty bullshit. Cincinnati isn't South FloriDUH.

It is a nice, warm but dry day out. I will go for a walk around the University for a bit, and I have some T-Bone steaks for the grill tonight.

I've never bagged groceries but I'll be bagging a trio of nasty skanks in court real soon. Better pull a Romney now and open your Swiss Bank account because I'm already making plans to sell your property to Randy Young at a discount :)

Valigator said...

But Derek, "Smitty" said, there were No letters, in fact he said YOU CONFIRMED it??

(Where are those little smiley faces when you need them????)

Valigator said...

•Pervasive instability in mood,

•Thought disturbances including quasi-psychotic states and extreme "black and white" information processing.

•Unstable interpersonal relationship
featuring idealisation/devaluation, abandonment fears, anger, hostility, ""poor boundaries"""

•Unstable self image
disturbances in capacity to see self “through the eyes of another”… (associated with inability to perceive the experiences or mind of other)
(The RPG Costume didnt help Derek)

•Unstable identity
painful sense of incoherence, inconsistencies in beliefs & behaviours, "over-identification" (even pro-pedo groups dislike you) with groups or roles, difficulties in commitments to jobs, values & goals.

•Unstable feeling states
anger and aggression alternating with extreme guilt and remorse

•Unstable unpredictable behaviour
impulsivity, "self mutilation", suicidality - alternating with apparent competence – makes the behaviour appear manipulative

Derek you dont need one of those high dollar voodoo doctors to watch your head spin, Wanna know what I diagnosed you with? C'mon guess, it will be fun..ya know your curious!!!!!

Valigator said...

Just curious? If the letters contained post and comments that YOU made publically online
(according to the message I got)

isnt that just "public information"? Kinda like your flyer, its public information and privacy rules dont apply, isnt that the same thing as releasing any expectations of privacy as soon as YOUR words go onto the web? The message indicated the information was "quotes from YOU" ..ummm having lunch with the attorney tomorrow we just absolutely love this little Sushi place halfway between our offices, If you want I can ask him about it?

Anonymous said...

Derek once posted some bullshit petition online. Among the signers a very profound signature and message was left on the petition:

Derek's victim, recently signed his petition and left a message:

131. 11 year old innocent girl who was once abused Sheffield, Alabama

I was sexually molested once by a sicko! Now, years later, he calls me a "Lolita", as if I were the one to blame but hey, I was the child, he was the adult who knew better! My abuser: Derek Logue!

Wow Derek, guess that throws those hours of your incessant bullshit right down the toilet where it belongs uh?

Anonymous said...

Derek also got accused of molesting another victim in a church. He admitted it in his book.

oncefallendotcom said...

Ah here we go with the bullshit from "anonymous" cocksuckers from NPFP, quoting TSand, who once impersonated Jessica Lunsford as well. Way to go, losers. David punch drunk bitch Rowe, Cynthia Trillian Gently Dented Harvey, and of course, the ValiGAYturd herself. The Three Stooges nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Sad that Rowe and Harvey are such pussies they don't have the BALLS to comment using their real names. Chickenshits.

PS: STILL waiting for this alleged angry mob of disgruntled neighbors LOL. Maybe they went down to Davie instead.

oncefallendotcom said...

Pervasive instability in mood-- Valigator attacks even the children of her targets, pulls guns on people she harasses, has lengthier criminal record

•Thought disturbances including quasi-psychotic states and extreme "black and white" information processing.-- Valerie tells me how much she loves me and my work until I call her out on her racism and bigotry, now she calls me the anti-Christ

•Unstable interpersonal relationship
featuring idealisation/devaluation, abandonment fears, anger, hostility, ""poor boundaries""" -- Valigator has been divorced more times than Liz Taylor, constantly online angrily attacking people, including children and foreigners, and was married to a felon (just what was his crime, hm?)

•Unstable self image
disturbances in capacity to see self “through the eyes of another”… (associated with inability to perceive the experiences or mind of other)-- Valerie denies the harm she causes to her victims, dehumanizing the homeless, those with records, and foreigners

•Unstable identity
painful sense of incoherence, inconsistencies in beliefs & behaviours, "over-identification" with groups or roles, difficulties in commitments to jobs, values & goals. -- Aside from being a vigilante douche, when has Valigaturd held any stable employment?

•Unstable feeling states
anger and aggression alternating with extreme guilt and remorse -- You mean like how you attacked a woman online only to find out your first impression was wrong and you took back your comments?

•Unstable unpredictable behaviour
impulsivity -- Yup, that is Val in a NUTshell, alcoholic, possibly on illegal drugs.

Now Val-POT, you might want to be careful what you call others.

oncefallendotcom said...

PS: Talk to your attorney about the false light doctrine, you dumb cunt. It will apply to these letters should they actually exist.

Valigator said...

I notice you spend an awful amount of time "threatening" law suits and litigation against those you have flame wars with. Tons of it as a matter of fact. Almost every forum I have run across with you involved,ultimately uses that as a punchline.
Literally Hundreds of post made by yourself quote terms like "false light doctrine" "slander", libel, Property garnishment,criminal and civil trials, calling Homeland security,threatening to call the posters local PD, all going back years and years.
This blog that you seem have the opinion that "I am digging a legal hole against myself" (you use that expression to others alot on various forums) seems rather tame compared to others.

I am only slightly curious, How have those threats of litigation worked out for ya so far??

Valigator said...

Derek wrote:
"they don't have the BALLS to comment using their real names"

Am I to take that as an assumption you changed your legal name on your birth certificate to "Oncefallen"?? Maybe "Magus", "Fallenone" "F1","shadowhawk", "The One", "SwordofMana"," "Jonathan Smitty" or "Rachel Lyons"??

The one thing I and probably many others have observed is you do alot of blustering about people being less than forthcoming about using their "real names" and yet not once have you used it here (just an observation)

Valigator said...

Derek Logue writes:
"" by the way, gun crimes get hard time up here in Ohio.""

You do have a rather flattering perception of yourself kid, I'll hand ya that. It takes more energy to sit behind a keyboard and banter with your delusional sense of self than even I like to admit, do you really think I would make the effort to get off my chair, drive to Ohio with a stockpile of guns to take pleasure in watching you turn yourself into one of the targets I use at the range? If I am not mistaken I believe they call that someone with too many visions of "self importance".
Make no mistake kid, I dont know many people at this juncture who would spend much time either Helping you out or pissin on ya if you were on fire. You seem to have lost the ability to grasp at lifelines in either direction.
You get that invitation from Gail Colletta yet to spend the "holidays" in her South Florida home?? I figure you two should be awfully close by now..certainly you recieved a birthday card from her? Maybe she wrote a letter to a judge indicating that "in her opinion You are no longer a threat to society?? Yes? No? Anything?
Or justa one liner "Instructing" her members to ignore her detractors??

oncefallendotcom said...

LOL, so now I'm 'Rachel Lyons?" What a joke. Pretending to be chicks is your other friend Clay Tsand Keys's MO. I'm also supposedly John Smith and Smitty. And who is "Christina?" You mentioned her, the only Christina I know is Aguilera. By the way, I get thousands of readers and have hundreds of people supporting and promoting my website. So it should not surprise you other people link to my site because my research is impeccable.

There was a time In used other screen names to promote my site without interference for your troll friends at AZU. But I always posted links to my site, you know, that site YOU ARE PROUD OF, with much love for it.

I've never hidden. You know where I live. But if I ever catch you up here I will have you detained and arrested for harassment. You don't have any friends or "good ol' boys" here. Stay in FloriDUH.

Valigator said...

Derek write, ""But if I ever catch you up here I will have you detained and arrested for harassment."""

You gonna call Derek? Certainly not you local PD. They have less tolerance for you than I do. Haven't you read what they say about you? For the smart guy you insist you are? Ya might wanna double check who the people are that YOU say have your back!

Valigator said...

You never answered any of my questions, how did all those litigation threats work out for ya?

oncefallendotcom said...

You seem to lack understanding of how things work. Unlike Florida, the rest of the country has a system of justice where crimes are investigated and prosecuted regardless of who the victim is.

The reason I hadn't filed a suit up to this point is simple-- there is no proof those letters exist at all. I've asked my neighbors and no one has received a letter, or if they did, assumed it was junk mail because your MO would have been to not put a return address in the event one of them got intercepted. But if one of these letters was to surface, the post mark would tell me all I need to know about who sent them.

Anonymous trolls like AZU have always hidden themselves out of fear of lawsuits; the thing is, they KNOW, and you KNOW, that one cannot be successfully sued in court without being served with court papers, and I don't have the home addresses of the online vigilantes just yet. But I figure that will change soon enough.

By the way, you really don't need to be making comments like this:

Stop Florida Action Committee (Gail Colletta) -- that means the war has begun..take them out anyway you see fit...

That sounds threatening. What do you mean by "take them out anyway you see fit", huh?

Valigator said...

Derek writes:
""You seem to lack understanding of how things work""
Is that a fact Derek? Obviously you didnt read my post this am on The other site.."one was taken out this "am" right under your nose Derek, it was my gift to you, Maybe the freak will send you a Christmas Card "once he gets settled in his new place of course..

Valigator said...

Notice you got banned from your most active website "Campaign to have sex with little kids" page.

What happened? They decide you didnt play well with others also?

What name you gonna use to sign in this time with??
"Sources tell me it was Gail Colleta" who demanded you get cut loose. Guess you will have to take your engagement ring back from her also Uh Derek.

oncefallendotcom said...

Yawn. You're babbling again. Sober up before you post and keep your jar of Skippy in the cupboard, chia-head.

I don't know what the hell you're even talking about but it is obvious you are still jaded because I wouldn't join the darkside, that being the Val side.

I call your bluff once again, Val. You should film yourself, I hear MTV is looking to replace the guy from Jackass who died recently and you are a shoe-in.

Valigator said...

Your so predictable Derek, like most child predators.

That dis-interested aloof response to even the other pro-offender groups banning you due to the very real aspect that persons like yourself bring an unwanted and lately a damaging repercussion to either thier members and even a sexual predators individually have them disowning you.
Not to worry, in the next couple of days and nights your mood swings will drastically alter your reality when you realize that your "minions" that you depend on for so much of your false self-esteem has distanced themselves from you. (kinda like Rats leaving a sinking ship).
Then you'll be busy trying to think of new log in identities and passwords. Which will prompt that hate filled rage and retribution you feed off of.
By then even those "I love a sex offender" members will be able to spot YOU in three post or less.
This could be the perfect time to start looking for sharp shiney instruments to play with..just a thought.

oncefallendotcom said...

Your psychobabble gets more incoherent every time you respond.

The only person losing support right now is David Rowe, as his true nature is starting to show and people are realizing that he's not really in it for the kids, he's in it to orgasm to his bully fantasies.

You and Rowe are two peas in a pod, so inhuman and hate filled. You are a MONSTER. So is Rowe. Two monsters who get pleasure out of harming people. You and Rowe are the TRUE PREDATORS, and I won't rest until you two are removed from society. Arcadia will always make room for the two of you

Valigator said...

Again I ask "fallenandcantgetit up" how have all those threats of retribution, harrassment, Property garishment, civil suits for defamation worked out for you?

I thought RSOL and SOISSUES had a ton of Pro-offender legal eagles to help people like yourself out?

Just checked Brenda Jones accounting and it doesnt look like your group has enough for a birthday party for one of your members at Chunky Cheese, Oh silly me you guys arent allowed there are you??

Valigator said...

Derek aka Fallenandcantgetup is just livid. He is on a timeout for bad behavor..Obviously not just by me..his sex offender buddies have banned him also..can you spell unstable??

Valigator said...

May 2015..havent received a summons or notice to appear by Derek's Legal Eagles yet..crack me up..