Monday, February 13, 2012

Something to think about

The more I read about this subject the more dangerous it becomes to me. You know all those headlines about guys or women but mostly guys who are taken down in child porn operations?? The TYPE of child porn that is searched for by these people are very telling indicators of how disturbed they are.

Seems those who search for very young children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused have some very real demons floating around their heads and more than not, these very people have already abused a child depending on the amount of material they have downloaded.. In many cases. the Abuser has himself been abused at an age somewhere around three or four years older than the children they search for. The age is an indicator of "POWER" their brains need to gain some sense of control OVER their vicitms. The amount of material they have consumed also is an indicator ..the more material? The better the chances are they have a live victim or victims under their belt. So the next time those sex offender advocates try and pass this off as a NO-CONTACT crime?? That is as far removed from the truth as possible. Not only the children being abused in these horrendous videos are very much in contact with their abusers, but those searching for these films are escalating from previous made contact to higher levels of seeking sexual gratification.
Remember what I have preached for years, Sexually based crimes are an infection on future generations, and re-offend rates that offenders LOVE to throw around like rice at a wedding are as varied as the offender and or their crimes they prefer to indulge in and the reasons behind them. Dont ever clump child porn in one basket, there are some serious freaks in this sandbox !!!!


Valigator said...

Its quite interesting to read about the TYPES of OFFENDERS and their MOTIVES Or should I say "EXCUSES they GIVE for their CRIMES"..recently I ran across "Don's" story..the infamous stepfather. Don's (excuse) was he fondled his 9 year old step-daughter because he "earned" the satisfaction that he derived from it. Don figured since he was putting food on the table, paying the electric bill and assuming the responsibility of his new wife's two children "he was owed" that little perk of sneaking into the little girls room after the rest of the house went to sleep to grope the little girl and teach her how to masturbate him..Yea ole Don was a real Prince alright, just what every single mother aspires too..He was able to get by with this for over two years before being caught by the wife. The family is in counseling to attempt to repair the damage done. Repairs in my opinion would be that DON should be playing with himself 6 feet under if that was my daughter.

Valigator said...

Lets see we have a real gift basket to choose from for "excuses" for sexual abuse. Lets take Bill, dysfuntional Bill works hard, hates his job and hates his responsibilities in life. He resents any and all demands put on him by life. Bill has a diet of quiet rage he feeds from. He gets dessert by molesting his Biological daughter to get back at his boss, his wife and the demands society puts on him. He figures if doesnt actually penetrate his daughter than its all a moot issue and eventually when life becomes great for him, he will be able to stop this behavor. He knows its wrong but the "compulsion" is too great to "get back" at what he percieves to be the "anchors" in his life. Bill is a real prize winner, he runs in circles buying motorcycles, big screen TV's and 100 dollar neck-ties to medicate and reward himself..feels good till the monthly nut is due on his "feel-good" items.. so again he "creats" opportunities to molest his daughter because after all "if it wasnt for them (family) he wouldnt be this angry providing for (them)?? My two cents? Bill is one of those freaks the world would have to dance around and consistantly prop up to make him feel good about himself (way too much work for me) Families and children are better served with Bill's headstone next to Don's.

Valigator said...

Now this is very offenders and or their advocates are on a mission to convince YOU the public these are non-violent crimes and the offenders should be left alone to pick up the peices of their miserable lives. If that doesnt draw at your heartstrings? The next plea is to consider the "families" of the offenders. Umm I would say flying under the radar allowed these offenders to perpetrate their crimes with would only make since that if it takes a village to raise a child, it may also take a village to "watch" those who offend against them..