Friday, February 10, 2012

Illegal alien charged with molesting 13-year-old Florida girl

Illegal alien charged with molesting 13-year-old Florida girl

Carlos Urbano Teran-Ponce

Osceola County Sheriff's OfficeEarly Christmas morning, deputies in Osceola County arrested Mexican national Carlos Urbano Teran-Ponce, 34, outside the home of his alleged teenaged victim.

About 4:00 a.m., the girl’s mother walked into the 13-year-old’s bedroom and caught Teran-Ponce, who tried to leave. However, the woman blocked his pickup truck with her vehicle and called 911.

The arrest report states: "Once inside, they [the deputies] found the victim … curled on the living room floor crying.”

The victim told detectives that Teran-Ponce, a friend of the girl’s mother, gave her a mixed drink with tequila before she went to bed. She also said that he had molested her at least 20 times before the Christmas Day attack.

Teran-Ponce was charged with nine counts of sexual battery on a child and 21 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation.

The police report stated that Teran-Ponce who works as a window tinter "provided a full detailed confession on each count."

He faces possible life in prison.

*Reporter’s note: It should be noted that in Mexico, the crime of child molestation is almost never prosecuted, in fact if a rapist (even a child rapist) proposes marriage to his victim before a judge, all charges are usually dropped.

The reason so many Mexican nationals are committing horrendous crimes against children in this country is due in large measure to the vast cultural differences between the two countries. The fact is that the lives of little girls, and women in general are simply not valued in Mexico.

The most glaring example of the sad aforementioned fact is the age of sexual consent throughout most of Mexico is only 12 years of age!

If this nation does not soon begin to defend our border with Mexico, as well as begin mass deportations of illegal aliens, the United States will become just as inhospitable to children as is Mexico.


Valigator said...

If there is one contributing factor to the ongoing list of sex crimes against our families? Its apathy for border crossers.

Just remember these Illegals have "no skin in the game" and their offend rates are FOUR times what U.S. citizens are. If that isnt a reason to close the borders, well I am not sure what will be.

Valigator said...


The man who kidnapped two young Homestead girls, prompting a statewide Amber Alert, could spend the rest of his life in police custody.

Lindoro Alvarado pleaded guilty Tuesday to a slew of kidnapping and sexual assault charges. Under a plea deal, he will serve 22 years in prison

Alvarado, an undocumented worker from Mexico, was renting a room from a Homestead mother in March 2008 when he whisked away two daughters, ages 3 and 6, police said.

Prosecutors said he sexually assaulted the older girl in a wooded area. The three were spotted hours later walking in Hialeah Gardens.

After his prison term, the 54-year-old faces 20 years probation and civil commitment to a facility for dangerous sexual predators.

The deal, struck in agreement with the family and Miami-Dade police, will also spare the older girl from the ordeal of testifying at trial, according to Assistant State Attorney Laura Adams.