Saturday, June 16, 2012

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

I am rather curious Shaun as probably others are also. You advertised to the public that "YOU" Shaun Webb were invited to the Miami Book Fair to be held in November. (and I quote)
Dakota0526 aka Shuan Webb said...

""""""Speaking of Florida, look where I've been invited in November!"""""""

Miami Book Fair International

Mr. Webb,

Welcome to our 29th Miami Book Fair. This year we have so much new, so much much to do and read (and discover!) at the Fair.

Our featured country is China, and the Fair has partnered with the Confucius Institute at MDC to present a day-long symposium on China’s culture and language, including a round-table discussion with China’s most important contemporary writers. This is a very significant program and part of our ongoing goal of bringing global literary perspectives to our community. Our international scope also includes thought-provoking dialogue as part of our IberoAmerican program schedule, and author presentations in French and Portuguese.

Out-of-the-box events at this year’s Fair include cooking demos by cookbook authors/chefs at the Miami Culinary Institute; the Book Fair debut of Literary Death Match, an Idol-style reading event that pits authors against each other; and a "date night" twist to one of Friday’s Evenings With that comes complete with free drinks and celebrity guests. Fairgoers will also enjoy the return of Twilight Tastings—five happy hours prior to our weekday evening programs, courtesy of some of Miami’s coolest restaurants.

Then, there’s the main event: the Festival of Authors—celebrities, promising debuts, controversial topics, enthralling novels, lyrical verse, edgy graphic novels, tell-all biographies, teen favorites, and so much more.

Yet, I think the real winners at this year’s Fair will be...the kids! We’ve added an extra day of presentations to our student program, and invite all schools, private and public, in Miami-Dade and Broward counties to come on field trips, Children’s Alley will feature a bigger stage and more children’s authors, storytellers and magical performers, and Sunday, November 20, has been officially declared Wimpy Kid FUNday at the Fair! That’s right! Jeff Kinney, beloved author of the megaselling series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, returns to the Fair and brings a load of fun activities for kids along with him, including a street full of snow! All to celebrate the latest book in the series, The Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.

Every year, the Street Fair throngs and sold out Book Fair events give me great hope for the future. The book is not dead; people will never stop reading.

See you at the Fair!
Alina Interián

Executive Director

P.S. The Center is about to turn 10! Join in as we begin to celebrate a wonderful decade with a wonderful new name, new look and another year of amazing literary programs.
(sounds rather official to the average reader, dont ya think?) But there is a problem with the above Grandstanding by Mr. Webb! The Miami Book Fair never heard of him and never issued him any such invitation and is not very appreciative of his misrepresentation of their event! Now one must ponder, if Shaun Webb will ""lie""" to his own sex offender groups who go to the wall in support of him (kinda like his family/friends) about something so trivial to enhance his standing, ya have to wonder about everything else he puts pen to paper about also????


Valigator said...

Very interesting e-mails of late about Shaun. Seems Shaun has a pesky little habit of getting on the wrong side of just about anyone he encounters. He left an impression on Book reviewers at "Goodreads". In fact he was banned from the site due to his inability to interact "normally" with other readers and reviewers.
Of course they ALL happen to be women, I dont see Shaun engaging in adversarial behavor with MEN, always women. I have never made it any secret that in my opinion offenders whose victim preferences are women and children dont have the balls to engage in this "browbeating" against their own gender. Thats what makes them "sex offenders, abusers and social misfits". Shaun Webb will always have a hard life due to his inability to filter his reactions to just about any and all of life's journeys. He continues to use social media sites (with females) as his interaction with the world, he continues to abuse those interactions if he immediately isnt praised, adored or glorified for his writings or in his weak mind isnt empathized fast enough in relation to his Sex Offender status. I just cant help but wonder how miserable it would be to live with that son of a bitch or how embarrassing it must be to realize what a worthless anchor to humanity my (nancy's) husband truly is..There is an old saying "you only come into this world with your NAME, and thats all you will take out"..Shaun has effectively trashed his family name and cursed his offspring in the same vain.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like your ruining your name by stalking him and making yourself look like a lunatic!!

Valigator said...

Obviously you deaf if you think it SOUNDS like I may have a hand in "ruining" this freaks life. He doesnt need any help from anyone.

A member from Goodreads ran across this site and SHE and a couple of others gave me the "heads up" on what a true asshole your friend is.
One of his books were "reviewed" in less than rave praise and Little Shaun went ballistic towards the reviewer, then went on to stalk and go on a rampage on the site. When other reviewers indicated his book "sucked" to them also and Shaun himself had gifted himself way too many "stars" the jig was up and he was banned, but not only banned,,he labeled himself a Lunatic as he has anywhere else he slithers on the web. "of course he only takes his outrage out on females, never Males..kinda gives pause for thought on his "conviction" dont ya think? Face it, your buddy is superfreak and is too stupid to control his behavor he has no filters or boundaries, I wonder how many "babysitters" his family went thru prior to his conviction..

Anonymous said...

FYI- Apparently Shaun Webb got into it with Downtown Books in West Branch, MI. He accused them of cancelling a book signing because of your influence. In fact, they couldn't cancel anything because nothing was scheduled and they didn't want anything to do with him simply because he was a pushy, ugly person.

oncefallendotcom said...

We all know about our tendency to obsess and stalk, Val. We know you spend your entire life searching online for activists to stalk them. We all know you tried contacting the child of one of your targets. Don't forget your own past.

Valigator said...

Have you lost your mind Derek (again) we all know??? we all know what derek? that the first sentence of the above post is the only accurate part of the post?
""We all know about our tendency to obsess and stalk,""""

Anonymous said...

He was quite nasty with the bookstore owners. He had a few supporters, one of which was his dog post vile rants, and threats on Downtown Books Facebook page. He and his supporters are claiming you called the store. In fact the owners had never heard of you. You must be really getting under his skin. Keep up the good work!

Valigator said...

Disillusionment Shaun?? Hell, that profound load of crap almost brought tear to me eye.. I have one last thing to say to you and then you can go on with your miserable life. The next time you want to make someone "like me" your "PROJECT" you better go buy a glue gun at the craft store. Its alot less expensive.

Stay away from restricted events and social media sites banning sex offenders. Its illegal and a violation of the laws.