Sunday, September 9, 2012

another are you friggin kidding me post

Thoughtofasweak wrote:

I too am in the same boat - my husband has been in my daughter's life since she was the age of 2, and was molesting her for 4 years until I found out about it in May. My daughter will be 16 next month.

This is a difficult situation you are going through, but only you can make the decision of staying with your husband or leaving him. No one else can make that decision. Only you can determine if he is truely repentant and wants to seek help, or if he is playing you. Visit him, talk with him - try to get a true since of his remorse.

I disagree with those who said that you will send the wrong message if you decide to forgive him and give him a chance to prove himself. My daughter knows that I fully support her, and I advocate on her behalf - what she wants. She knows that my first priority is her. She has also come to forgive the only father in her life and she sees the changes in my husband. She is willing to allow him to prove himself (just not living with us).
MY OPINION____This broad isnt "weak" she is "Brain-dead" and a HUGE embarrassment to other women.
These posters dont realize it, but the common denominator among them? Most have been fractured by the Men in their lives and rather than making adult decisions that may be the hardest thing they will ever confront? They leave it to prayer  and of course the other fractured members who influence them in negative innuendos and the need to daily correspond with others who will validate their fractured lives and the miserable decisions they have made. They feed off each other and call themselves a support group. You wont find much healthy support here. And of course Derek Logue is high profile and has found his nest with these women who do nothing but validate his pathetic need to be embraced by the very segment of society he violated against. The fact these women dont have their own registry is amazing to me.


Anonymous said...

You can call me whatever you want. I feel sorry for you. Someone must have hurt you terrible that you feel the need to judge me and others.

I hope that no one will every have to go through what my family and I have been through.

I have hurts, feelings, and a brain. Just because you may not agree with mine or my family's decision on this situation doesn't mean you can tear me down - only to make your self feel important.

I pray for you and healing, and I hope and Pray that you will never have to go through what my family and I have been through.

Anonymous said...


Frankly, I find you to be a vile and disgusting creep!!

Wishing ill against those who you have no clue about. I for one, was wrongfully accused and was recently contacted by my State Police because of a possible break in the case.

I have maintained my innocence and it looks as if this will be turning around.

I sincerely hope that something of this nature happens to someone in your family so you learn a valuable lesson.

YOU are a friggin' idiot and a bigot.

Valigator said...

""Wishing ill against those who you have no clue about"""
These numbnuts dont need any help with ill-will, I would say they heap enough of that on themselves!!

"I sincerely hope that something of this nature happens to someone in your family so you learn a valuable lesson""

umm... is that the definition of "ill will"?