Sunday, September 9, 2012

another interesting day on the web

I ran across a website the other day and needless to say it validates my theories on the WOMEN who choose offenders over their own and or their childrens self preservation. An casual observer of these women and their post  will find themselves shaking their head and asking themselves "what can they possibly be thinking"?
1)  Cantbemylife wrote:    The girl he had an affair with has major mommy/daddy issues and he said that she kept persuing him. He says she does not look or act 15yo and yes she does look older. He is having a hard time managing all of these things he is supposed to be doing like spending time with the kids and me and the counselor and lawyer. (She mentions she has three children) An "affair" means her husband repeatedly tapped this 15 year old on muliple occations but its inferred he was oblivious to her age, or he was just tapping what was there for the taking either way? He threw his wife and children under the bus for an underage girl who has now become the pariah and he the victim??
2) Amymesa responded: I came to the conclusion that the 15 yr old girl MUST have serious mom/dad issues, probably doesnt really know her dad and mom probably gets high..i knew so many girls like that growing up. And they did in fact do things like have sex with older married men. Im sure im going to get plenty of shit for this, but if this girl is anything like the white trash (sorry if that offends anyone, but its true) that I went to school with, than sorry, the only person she is a victim of is herself.
Then the "group" goes on to offer advice to the woman to look for signs of remorse?? I'll bet he has plenty after that introduction to the judge and that "come to Jesus moment" and realizing that the "wife" is going to be the only one sending money to the commissary. Not the 15 year old. This group is encouraging her to stick it out with the freak, "misery really does love Company" ..

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