Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gail Colletta is at it again!!

Lake County toughens restrictions on sex offenders

I applaud the citizens of Lake County. They stood up and demanded action against these insedious crimes and the people who commit them. Make Florida the least attractive State for sex offenders to thrive in and the public will see a marked decrease in vicitims .. Its a no brainer! Gail Colletta is the NEW FACE of advocacy for Sex Offenders for no other reason than her kid stuck his hand in the fire and got burned. Yet Now she is Florida's go-to person on quotes about sex offenders? Amazing a womans "claim to fame" is based on her kid looking for toddlers and infants getting raped on the Internet. But yet she has a website begging for donations and offering "expert advice" on educating the public about SEX CRIMES? Where in this womans history does she have the audacity to educate anyone about anything concerning sex crimes? Hell, her kid was under her nose with the families computer searching this stuff! But after his conviction, she is now an Expert??

Good for You Lake County and a great step towards making Florida a better place to live!!!

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