Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gotta love this one

RSOL groups are gearing up for their 4th annual conference in New Mexico in September, boy oh boy are they pushing for everyone to "make their reservations at the Ramada Conference Center" at a special room rate of just 59 dollars a nite..I am still giggling

I didnt want some of the local Albuquerque News outlets to miss out on this one so I gave them the heads up that their fair city was going to "host" a mixture of speakers and plenty of sex offenders that will probably do some real neat sight seeing in their fair city in between those "prolific" speeches they are going to give.

I also e-mailed the Ramada and asked them if their was any pesky legalities that they might have to adhere too if MY FAMILY just happened to want to visit during that week-end and stay in their facilities?? I'll let you know when and if they respond. In Florida if I check into a hotel and apon registration ask if they are housing or accomadating any convicted sex offenders? By law they had better respond honestly.
Oh and a word of advice to RSOL if any of your planned guest have terms and conditions that mandate they get permission to leave their state for New Mexico?? Better have their papers ready due to the fact my next correspondence will be with the Local police Chief and Chamber of Commerce..Could be like shootin fish in a barrel????

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