Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ahh it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood when you can take down a sex offender and the landlords who rent to them in one fell swoop..In this county its not nice to fool the Property Appraisers Office by claiming Homestead Exemptions and renting your place out to a sex offender. Seems some people just dont learn. Its only a matter of time before the offender gives in to their impulses draws the wrath of Law Enforcement and bam ..two birds with one stone ..The perv and the cheatin  homeowner..aint this country grand???


oncefallendotcom said...

What shameful behavior. I guess this kind of vile behavior must be the norm in South Florida with Ron Book calling the shots but anywhere else your ass would be grass.

Since you missed it the other day, I still insist that John Walsh is a whoremongering, money-grubbing prick that exploits his dead kid for cash and if I ever meet him in person I'll punch the SOB in the face. I wish he would fucking die already.

Valigator said...

so which is it Derek? I mean the vile behavor..the fact the freak skated on his first charge and didnt have to register due to the date so he compulsively kept up his "illegal" child porn business or he and his landlord were both indulging in fraud? You didnt seem to specify??? It validates my opinion it seems to bother you more that his address is compromised rather than all the child porn on his computer.
Nothin for nothin but has anyone ever brought up the issue you might be bi-polar? Your second paragraph screams you have problems I probably wasnt aware of prior to reading it.

oncefallendotcom said...

I'm not bipolar, I'm just not going to let our past friendship take away from the fact you're crossing the line by fucking with my real friends, the ones who are fighting by my side and not afraid of who is watching. At the end of the day, who is standing by my side? Certainly not you or those who stand on your side of the fence.

We all have our reasons to be in this fight, and you should know that until these asinine laws are obliterated I cannot have a normal life again. I wonder what your real motivation is in this fight?

I guess it is easier to dismiss my statements about your douchebag of a hero John Walsh than to read the truth about John Walsh. The proof is in the pudding. Lunsford is even worse. Why don't you ask a certain Predator Patroling buddy of yours about that? Val you should know me enough by now to know I do a lot of digging before I make my assertions. I back every thing I ever say with references.

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. I don't care your opinion differs from mine. But remember what you once told me about the importance of the delivery? We can disagree without being assholes about it, right? Well when you do to my associates what AZU used to do to me and others for year, you're being a major league MVP asshole.

I guess you have forgotten how those pieces of crap treated me. The reason you get attacked is because you do the same. Posting Wikisposure/Evil Unveiled, which is Perverted Justice/ AZU bullshit, is a low blow so when people want to throw up Dale Weeks to you, you are asking for it by doing it to others. If you want to go AZU on my friends then you have to deal with me personally because if I have one pet peeve it is anyone who goes around acting like those bastards on the internet.

It is easier to blame others but you need to go look at yourself and see what the hate is doing to you, especially physically. It's a shame really because I know you have good in you, it is just hidden in your darkness.

I hope you reconsider your recent activities. Shit you have no reason to fight us, you have far more money than I do and you can go live a life outside this, so why don't you?

Valigator said...

Are you kidding me, seriously are your frickin kiddin me? Attack your friends? Wouldnt it have been nice if you would have stepped up to the plate after my encounter with Dale Weeks? No you didnt, in fact if memory serves me the only thing you wrote in an obscure blog (unless I missed it) was some reference to only "Valigator and Dale Weeks knows what happened that day" but you let your buddies make threats, publish my face on any thing with vigilante attached to it, and a hundred other "better to say nothing than appear to defend Valerie and her actions" bullshit. C'mon Derek..I was either in front of you on a blog or two steps behind, you never once came to the table validating my actions. You let every offender with God knows what crime under his belt take the shots. And now your outraged that I would be publically offended by Gail Colletta's (your friend) attempts to take sex offenders back underground? Nothin for nothing Derek but if you think my outrage over this crime is going to wane because she and her group are your new best friends..think again. I take what Gail Colletta is doing as a direct attack on my family and my communities right to know who is worth watching in this world. I told you before, I dont care if John Walsh runs over puppies in his spare time, his loss outweighs your freedoms any day of the week and you and your friends do yourselves no good by attacking a family who has seen hell and lives to tell about it.
You and your new best friends hate the Parents of Murdered Children and you have graduated past having empathy for anyone who has endured that horrendous crime, if it means tightening the slack of anyone with offender status. Now your groups look for full frontal attacks on these people which is pathetic. You and your groups have an "all or nothing" mindset and even those of us who attempted to gain or stand on middle ground are attacked with full fury. You said you back every thing you say with "references" references are a long way from Fact. Florida is a dumping ground for anything who "slithers" slightly above ground. I'll continue to do what I do because your New Best friends leave me no choice. It isnt an either/Or issue, but you want people like me to sit back and say or do nothing if it remotely effects "YOUR" not living a "normal life" again..Do you even hear how that sounds? If we abolished the registry tomorrow, abolished all restrictions and oversight of sex offenders the day after, your new best friends are attempting to tell the public "victim counts" would go down, Yea, sure. Remind me to take that to the bank when it opens. And yes, to e-mail ME after I specifically told you John Walsh was off limits and you still write "I wish he would fucking die" is a sympton of something irrational and dysfuntional.Especially when you sent it to be published on my blog. You sent it here, so I assume you wanted it for the world to see.

oncefallendotcom said...

You don't know as much as you think you do. I never agreed with your practice of sending out fliers in personal, though I thought it foolish Weeks would get in your face knowing how you are. If I was in his position I would have sued you for harassment. I took more flak than you realize sticking up for you over that shit, but honestly I should have joined them in blasting you. It's not too late to feature you on AZUnites right alongside your buddies Judy Cornett and Stitches77.

I have as much rights as John Walsh, thanks to the US Constitution. I didn't cut his kid's head off, so why should I suffer for it?

It is funny you are accusing me of the same shit the other side does. Your side says, "who cares if we destroy the lives of registrants, their loved ones, and their children, to pick which children they choose to "save."

I take what you are doing as a direct attack on me personally and my own livelihood. Thankfully so few people listen to you anyways.

Valigator said...

Whoa whoa whoa big boy..kinda of a blanket statement dont ya think? And what was my policy on handing out fliers Derek? The "worst of the Worst" Dale Weeks fit that description to a T. It doesnt matter whether you "agreed" with my policy or not. I dont center my actions on "cleaning out my neighborhood" as to whether the "sex offenders" agree or disagree with what I do. Dale Weeks didnt know me or who I was at the time of the incident. He was just released from prison (early) and it took me a week to do my homework on him. Have you even read any of my post on this blog? Have you read where the "resident offenders" wont admit publically but privately are relieved that I have done what I have done due to the fact they arent competeing with guys like Dale Weeks for airspace? That they become anonymous in the neighborhood and the community isnt calling for their heads or throwing stones at them! If you read it, you like others must have skipped over it in your hatred for me.
You keep bringing up Absolute Zero as if it is some kind of threat (not literally) that you will align me with them? I got news for ya Derek, after my interactions with offenders after my arrest? I'll stand next to AZ any day of the week. When I first stumbled apon them I thought they were harsh..little did I know that they had already seen (clearly) what I had not. My mistakes with them will leave me groveling for a while until they envite me into their fold and guess what? I'll go!
You know how I keep posting Offenders are "stupid" ..I saw the full extent of their stupidity after the Dale Weeks incident. I had always thought myself pragmatic and searched for a level ground with sex offenders. I have found that one "cannot" be obtained. The old adage "bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind. By the way, we were never "friends" we were two bloggers that sought common ground with a dose of respect and gave each other a "wide berth" in our interactions with one another. That all went out the window after Dale Weeks and we are just now getting to the formalities of officially abandoning that description.
We both knew it was coming, your rants on John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and others who have lost so much to the freaks who YOU SAY YOU DISTANCE YOURSELVES from, validate my leanings towards a direction I didnt think I was going to have to take. You guys are so busy seething at a keyboard do you notice you didnt address any of the questions I posed to you? I address all of yours in detail.But thats the way it always is..your group would rather post "basketball" stories..(talk about delivery)???than address the most benign questions on the issue of sex offenders, I knew then what a bunch of numb-nuts I was dealing with. Your (associates) as you call them have nothing in common but "SO" align yourselves with rapist, child killers, those who molest their neighbors 4 year old and Romeos it doesnt matter its a come one, come all to the party and ya wonder why the Public doesnt take you seriously? Ya wonder why the laws keep getting tougher? You people are too stupid to gather on a forum and "cry foul" on a freak who kidnaps a child "you remain silent" you only come together as a collective when the forum pertains to upcoming bills or laws that would tighten the collar on your asses. Then, if that wasnt so idiotic in itself You actually have the balls to come onto a forum and blame the parents, That infuriates me and I am not the only one.I am glad we had this little talk. That way there is no lingering doubts about whats coming. You have your "associates" (new best friends) I have mine "AZ" and "Evil-Unveiled" thats if they will forgive my "inital stupidity" enough to bring me on board. Unlike you and your groups I would understand if they didnt.

Valigator said...

Ohh and lest we leave out "We all have our reasons to be in this fight, and you should know that until these asinine laws are obliterated I cannot have a normal life again"

Curious Derek? If one estimates that each of its victims is survived by a minimum of three loved ones for whom the violent death will produce deep and bitter grief, the annual casualty rate escalates to over 130,000 individuals. And if one appreciates the intensity and duration of the trauma suffered by these survivors, we can conservatively estimate that we have in our midst over a million wounded and scarred Americans, all victims of the murders of just the past decade.(POMC)
Add to that the millions effected by sexual abuse where the "victim" wasnt left with a headstone, I would say their right to ever have a normal life far outweighs yours.
I would also bet everything I owned people like the Walsh's, the Lunsford's the Session's, the Kings, would give everything they owned or hoped to own to go back to the day before their destiny's met with your (associates).

OnceFallen chomps gators said...

You are a fool, Valerie Parkhurst. Your troll friends will lead you to jail. I knew better than to trust you, of course, so I never gave you what you wanted anyways.

It is funny you would align yourself with people like Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey, the BSDM anti-male psychotic who once likened yourself to sybil. The only evil they unveil is their own.

Since you're a racist bitch, I doubt you'll like Rob Taylor since he's half-black, but then again he doesn't like that half of himself. He spends his days pretending to be a crime blogger in between his days bagging groceries at his local Food Lion and looking at fetish porn.

Hell, maybe you can go up to Pensacola Florida and have a drink with Clay "Roar For Truth" Keys. Forget the fact he's a violent repeat offender, AZU welcomed him in with open arms, so I'm sure they'll take your Gator-laid ass too.

Maybe you can sacrifice babies to Dodia Fae's pagan gods too. I guess in your case you'll feed them to the alligators.

All you have to do is kiss Stitches 77's ass. She loves that. You'll be surrounded by oh-so-wonderful company.

So go right ahead and continue to make a fool of yourself. You're not going to like the next expose from AZUnites. Later.

Valigator said...

If you were looking to get some kind of rise out of me? You didnt.

I guess I had hoped you would do well and I purposely avoided some of your interactions with various members not to sway that hope. I'll probably continue to avoid some of your post due to the fact those post will only embarrass myself that I had a higher degree of expectations for your success. I am kicking "myself" more than you right now for those "misplaced expectations". I dont wish you any harm Derek, but your post to me (especially the last one) reaffirms that some people can be their own worst enemies.

RiverCyan said...


Valigator said...

Ding ding ding obviously you dont play much chess..So RiverCyan? are you another prison groupie or did your husband offend under your nose????

Valigator said...

RiverCyan, ok so its even worse than I thought..In a nutshell you were a 400lb obese single knocked up alchol and drug addicted mother who spent the taxpayers money (that you never paid back) on a degree you never used,(but liked shopping and the bahamas).. ran into a guy saddled with a few "bad behaving" kids whose wife left him and the kids for another woman and all the while committed multiple sex crimes against multiple victims..that are so heinous most people would just as soon throw him off a cliff as look at him..Yep,,, think I get the picture.. in your story though,..oh your most high profile follower on your blog is LaDonna the "prison groupie" who's love of her life doesnt even have a release date due to the fact "no one knows what to do with him he is so dangerous" Save yourself the book cost..we got it.. Yea if attempted to ask my heart to "bleed over that one" it would stroke out on me..nothin for nothin but a breeder of improved DNA for the next generation? You are not..