Sunday, February 26, 2012

A word from someone Who Knows..

Sex offenders who love to banter about sexual abuse always use "Abuse is usually perpetrated by someone close to the Victim" as if that is some kind of innuendo that as "Guardians or parents" of these Victims... it was somehow "OUR FAULT"..I have long maintained abusers are opportunist and if the opportunity does not readily present itself "they will creat one" ..and again offenders will construe that as a fault that lies with the victim, never the OFFENDER..
I relate some crimes to the average person who stumble on this blog "first to outrage you, second to mobilize any kind of effort you can make to stop these people anyway you can. GOD knows there are certainly enough Groups to accept any contribution you may want to contribute too... Make no mistake, you will never be able to have a lucid ,reasonable rational dialogue with Offenders or their Advocates. Dont waste your breath or your energies in trying to wrap your head around WHY they do what they DO  and or Attempt to reach any semblance of middle ground or understanding for any Plights of Status they moan about. It's a lost cause and ultimately you will be disappointed in your efforts. Sex offenders align themselves with any and all persons who have SO status, Its what they do, they make no distinction between a guy who kidnaps and rapes a 9 year old waiting at a bus-stop or the guy who was convicted of having "consentual" undersage sex..Offender Groups even have "Mission pages" that the disclosure of their crimes is not mandatory for membership in their groups. I still shake head over that one. But yet they form a "collective" to abolish the registry, alleviate any and all restrictions pertaining to their status and  moan how they should be left alone to have a normal life. Its the universial mantra of anyone with Sex offender Status..They want their crimes (who they all maintain just pee'd on a bush") by the way, be treated differently that a "dangerous child killer" ..funny thing about that though? There members include child killers and rapist "who will latch onto anyone advocating for less stringent repercussions" and defend each other to the heavens.. So I hope you heed my observations about sex offenders and never ever believe their version of their circumstances surrounding their convictions..They Lie and Lie very well. They have websites that teach them how to respond to questions asked by employers, neighbors and Family members. You must always go beyond the registry and look at Court records. Thats sometimes not easy to obtain, but your first instinct should be they are dangerous and you want them as far from your families aka Opportunities as possible. Oh and dont go by the Mother's, sister's or girlfriends version..they will construe a conviction faster than you can dial 911.

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