Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sometimes a Thank You is in order

Please allow me to take the time to Thank Florida RSOL members for reaching into their pockets and assuring I will have a nice vacation this year (among other things) and that their generosity has really touched my heart. I also want to thank so many of all the "little" RSOL members for linking the story of my encounter with their favorite Son (Dale Weeks) it was amazing how valuable in a monetary... sense that link was. The various Judges and Lawyers were very impressed with your dedication and commitment to profiling the story and the accompanying comments that went with it. Once again, let me thank you for allowing myself to spend more time to interact with all your members , more time to banter and share our thoughts and feelings with each other. My story only highlights that whatever your RSOL groups are doing to educate and inform their members really does help others in more ways that are so under appreciated..and undervalued..(where are those little smiley faces when you so need them)?

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