Thursday, September 13, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Derek Logue

Oncefallen, Fallenone and a myriad of other screen names after being banned

"Healing is not profitable. And if you keep people in perpetual victimhood, you not only justify your hatred, you keep your victim industry afloat."
What numb-nuts "sexual predator who the State of Ohio deems most likely to re-offend really is saying is "If forgiveness for my crime isnt as forthcoming and as fast I think it should be and the offense against your loved one or yourself isnt forgotten fast enough than "victim" becomes a dirty word to him. 
How a site who deals with the pain of those who are living with and coping with these crimes allows someone like Derek to be a member is beyond me. Derek is the textbook offender. He has no remorse for his crimes due to the fact he profiles his victim as a "slut". He started a petition online about some such rediculous thing and what many people may not have read was his "victim" commented on it. In as few words as the site would allow her to comment, she in no uncertain terms made it quite clear that his version he tells the world on any forum he can land on is not true and in her world he was suppose to be the "adult" and she was only a child. She is older now but Derek himself keeps her in perpetual "victimhood" by his ongoing rants and lies about his conviction and the circumstances of the event. How a forum can welcome him as a member is ludicrous. Derek Logue is every definition of the perpetrator these families are looking to heal from. He latches onto women (never men) unless they are as dysfunctional as he is to gain acceptance for his crime, he thinks women who "bite the bullet" and stand by their  sex offenders will be a more vulnerable audience for his tyrades. All the while he is the very definition of the guy who tore their world apart. Derek Logue for those who do not know is a member of "visions Of Alice" website. For those who do not know this site its members are comprised of men who like to have sex with pre-teen girls down to toddlers. He petitiones on these sites for money to travel to various functions to "reform sex offender laws" . Make no mistake, Derek Logue hates adult women, he is most hateful to those women who find his crime abhorrant. For any group to align themselves with Derek Logue aka Oncefallen, Fallendown, etc. is a group who will bever be taken seriously.


Valigator said...

More words of wisdom from Derek Logue Sexual predator (ohio)
1)My reclassification hearing is set for October 17th. I'm not so confident I will win because one of my counselors have made the claim that I'm still attracted to and fantasize about young girls.
2)Trust me, when stuff happens to me, I don't bother wasting my time with the porker patrol. They don't want to file reports or anything. I filed a grievance with the Cincinnasty PD and they don't care either. To hell with them. Next time I'll just take the law into my own hands.
3)Well I lost my reclassification hearing. How could someone who committed a single sex offense who subsequently
passed a comprehensive sex offender treatment program and has live in the so-called free world without any further acts be considered a sexual predator?

First up, the judge freely hates sex offenders (appeal on bias forthcoming). Second, the victim's account paints me as someone who forced myself upon her rather than a mutual but inappropriate act. Thirdly, someone who did a prescreening at a mental health agency made the claim I stated that I still lust after and fantasize about young girls. Fourth, the judge still lives in the fantasy land where all 11 year old girls are doe-eyed virgins that are ignorant of sex. Of course he freely expressed this opinion which will be in the court transcript
(he lost his reclassification hearing due to the fact he is a textbook perv, no more, no less)

Valigator said...

4)I used the RSO status as a disability and the legal definition of a disability is any condition which prevents you from obtaining or maintaining employment. (someone needs to pull that "taxpayer funded disability out from his worthless backside)

5)Today I was reclassified as a sexual predator! I am more than just a little bit pissed about this turn of events.
Don't know. Maybe when the entire lot of 500,000 RSOs either kills themselves or "kills everyone else. Or kills
everyone else" then themselves. The establishment is pushing the envelope with each passing day it's only a matter of time.

Valigator said...

i was thinking about Derek aka Oncefallen today (for a couple of minutes) I again asked myself why does a guy who thinks his crime was "just human nature" " a natural thing to do" align himself so intently with a freak who raped a 3 year old? The mother of an incarcerated predator (Gail Colletta) whose son went down for his ongoing trolling of CP that involved infants being raped? Wives and mothers of children under 5 who were molested/raped by boyfriends and husbands? Rapist, exhibitionist and child molesters? For a guy who is insistant on the "harmlessness" of his crime, his best friends and associates are the worst of the worst. I would love at some point someone to explain to me, How the ever insistant Over-prosecuted can actually "kumbaya" with these freaks..oh maybe because they really are the freaks???