Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lila Folster

Just when you think you have seen or read  just about everything and anything when it comes to sex offenders you run across a """Lila Folster"""..Lila is the mother of one Steven Larry Folster convicted out of Michigan for a 1st degree sexual assault (that is rape) while in the commission of a felony. For those anywhere near Chester ,South Carolina I am sorry to inform you Lila's son now trolls your neck of the woods...far cry from Lilas's version of her sons crime.. according to Lila the only crime her son committed was "fall in Love" with a 16 year old while he was 17. Funny thing about Lila though, she trolls the internet landing on any blog that remotely has the topic of sex crimes and plys that story to anyone who will listen..while in reality her kid is a train wreck. Multiple Failures to Register and far from being that lovestruck 17 year old,,low and behold we find he is almost 50...Oh one can empathize with her "whitewashing" a member of her families crime and downplaying it..we all know offenders and their advocates do that but Lila goes to the extreme..She actually interacts and ingratiates that Romeo Bullshit story to Real Parents of those who were convicted of Real Romeo Crimes to garner their sympathy..and has the pure audacity to offer advice..I mean who does that? Really who does that? Lila Folster is the definition of Offender Munchausen Syndrome..its the attention she craves while her own son is the very defintion of what society deems dangerous..Her son is a level three, makes him the lowest rung on the ladder in societies and Law Enforcements Eyes ..yet she has the pure gall to align herself with Real Romeos..Lila Folster is the poster mother for everything I have always maintained, Offenders Lie, as do their mothers. Ya know I can almost wrap my head around a mother who defends their child no matter what, but its hard to grasp the extent and depths  Mothers like Lila will stoop too for attention. I would venture Lila Folster has done more to damage the kid she has brought in to this world than minimize his notoriety or enhance the efforts of the Various RSOL aka Nambla groups..If I were Lila? I would lay low for a while and keep my head down..alot of people are going to have to do alot of damage control for one of their own after the mess she has made..


Anonymous said...

Yo gatorbait hows it feel to be bitchslapped repeatedly evry time U try to cap on ppl cunt

Valigator said...

Anonymous is actually Derek Logue "Fallen One" off his meds.
I only published this comment to show people the depths of hatred offenders have for anyone who opposes them or has contempt for their ongoing efforts to abuse those weaker than themselves. They hate my guts due to the fact I loath them and make no secret about it. Derek is on the edge but he has been here before. He literally swings from one mindset to another in seconds..Its probably time Derek gets baker acted before he commits another crime against humanity..

Anonymous said...

FU you perfect society pansy ass whore. I'll be more of a man then you will ever be. My family will have more, be safer and continue to make little shit's like you look like a ass with my success. Up your's bitch!!!!

I would be superised if your moderator allows this comment because it tells worthless perfect whores like you off.

Valigator said...

I can tell how much of a man you are by posting anonymously..I "am" the moderator numb-nuts ,,and it pleases me to post comments such as yours..that way the world can watch the mindsets of bugs like yourself and realize you are where you are today due to the faulty decisions you made yesterday. All your rants, all your name calling and all your blustering isnt going to make you stand any taller in the eyes of the world..

oncefallendotcom said...

Ha, you're starting to behave like AZU these days, Val. I don't need to hide because I can beat you on your best day and me at my worst. You are a pathetic gun toting loon who only gets away with shit because you live in Crazy Davie, FL. That shit wouldn't fly in Cincinnati, you'd be arrested for being a danger to society.

You see me everywhere because you know I'm superior to you in every way. Go back to your racism sites and stop wasting The Master's time.