Friday, July 23, 2010

Dave Aronberg is dangerous to Florida's Families

Aronberg has some mission page to try and connect with voters that just doesnt quite jive with his actions on the Floor. He was the only Senator that tried to shove repealed sex offender residency restrictions down the throats of Florida's families. Think about it? You want this guy as Florida's AG? I dont think so! Aronberg seems to have turned out to be the worst of A political full time candidate, constantly on the rung trying to grab more and more power and taking more and more from Florida's families...He brags about who is endorsing him in his political aspirations and trust me, they are NO ENDORSEMENT..Elenore Sobel is in the same mindset and "no action" club as Aronberg, her claim to fame? Tanning beds..yep I lose sleep over that one everynite Elenore...Its bad enough I have candidates like Aronberg and Sobel sucking the lifeblood out of Florida on a daily basis but when some jerk like Aronberg wants to repeal restrictions for those who have no qualms about chewing our children up and spitting them out..its time to vote him and his endorsers out the door..

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