Friday, January 15, 2010

I have tried my best

I have tried to be fair and balanced on this issue...and its not working. It becomes more obvious to me everyday that a tougher, harsher stand must be taken against those who feed off our women and children. I reached out to others on both sides of the fence and everyday the crimes get worse and worse with less and less justice afforded to the Victims.
Put a fork in me..I have taken the heat from all parties involved and have officially decided there is no middle ground on this issue. I kept at arms length groups who I thought were too extreme on either side of this issue. No more..I wanted access to Legislators, Law Enforcement and the judicial system without them precieving me as too radical. Well the play is out of the Pup and I see now there is no middle ground to be had. I thought I would be more effective fighting for issues that effected my State and I still do, because those are the issues I have educated myself on. But for every foot gained we are loosing two...its time to get down and dirty on these crimes and the people who commit them..

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