Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Coral Springs Police Department has arrested an Assistant Music and Youth Minister from Church by the Glades located at 400 Lakeview Drive in Coral Springs.Russell Dion Lewis, 28, of Coral Springs was arrested early Saturday morning at his residence. Lewis has been involved in a 5-month consensual relationship with a 14-year-old female.

Valigator says,
November 29, 2009 at 7:52 am
In this day and age when an adult steps over the lines of sexual boundaries with minors you have to ask yourself? What was this guy thinking? With all the publicity surrounding the repercussions of engaging in sexual relationships (consentual or not) with minors, you have to deduct these guys arent the brighest bulbs in the box and warrant oversight.What sex offenders and their advocates love as a rebuttal is the (offender was known or close to the victim) well Duh! Its amusing to tit for tat on these issues with offenders. They resent the registry and use the argument that offenders are relatives or someone in close proximity to the child. Well, I am curious as to just who they think registered sex offenders are? They are fathers, brothers, husbands, coaches, clergy and all those who positioned themselves next to a child for no other reason than for their own sexual gratification. Lets face it, we arent talking about the space station here. I have to wonder why offenders, offenders websites and those who advocate for them think and maintain that overall offenders are harmless and rarely repeat their crimes. To which I would have to reply, “if a guy has no qualms about molesting someone close to him, he sure wouldnt think twice about using yours or mine’s child for his own selfish motives, given the opportunity”. The more offenders allowed to live among us, simply equates more opportunities.I find this outrageous and careless. What most people fail to realize is we have been “conditioned” by Law Enforcement and the Judicial to accept these offenders in our airspace for no other reason than “money”.The old adage, “money is the root of all evil” is certainly applicable in this social issue. Oh, they throw families and children a bone or two by mandating residency restrictions or barring them from parks, but overall what they have really done is throw their hands up in the air and due to the fact they dont want to spend the MONEY, “condition” you, the public, to live with them. The danger in this, contrary to what offenders and their advocates want you to believe, is offenders are RE-Offending at all time rates. The justice department released figures that when you read thru the legal-eaze of it all has increased, not declined.Mr.Russell Dion Lewis the man profiled in this arrest will wind his way through the justice system, be labled a Convicted sex offender (if we are lucky) and then proceed to jump the hoops of registration and compliance. Then Mr. Lewis will resent his status and moan and cry he cant find housing due to his sex offender label and round and round we go, until some legislator “Sen.Dave Aronberg” comes to mind and spouts off his 2 cents on the issue of lowering the residency restrictions to accomadate men like Mr. Lewis.Ahh the circle jerk never ceases to amaze me. Aronberg wants these men closer to our children to ensure more affordable housing for them.Maybe I am just an idiot and have no place to interject my ideas. But men like Aronberg should have a muzzle put on them before they do their research and make uneducated statements as he has.Afterall his only lame solution is to allow these men closer without looking at the big picture. What will his solution be next year after more offenders move into Florida? Lower the restrictions to 500 feet. Left up to Aronberg he will probably campaign for an “adopt a sex offender campaign” at this rate.Maybe we should try:
Those convicted of “Romeo consentual sex with minors within 4 years of age of each other should be taken off the registry NOW.
Convicted sex offenders who’s crimes included “consentual sex with a minor” outside the 4 years,need longer sentences and should be allowed to petition to be taken off the registry after 10 years (after release) if no other offense of any kind has been committed.
Criminal alien offenders of which there is more and more should be deported immediately and where there is what I call the weasel clause of politics (no formal relations) be kept incarcerated.
A moritorium against offenders who committed their crimes in other states be forbidden to set up residency in Florida.Its obvious by Florida’s sex offender numbers, more are moving in than going out.
Offenders who committed violent sexual crimes be incarcerated for longer periods of time and “no gain time” be incorporated into their sentence.
What people dont understand is, you have already paid for this, but your children just dont warrant the efforts. In the DOC’s mind, let them all out and throw the dice.I have many more, but if the “powers that be” want to do something about this issue, lowering residency restrictions and trying to mandate them across the state is insane.

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