Monday, November 16, 2009

A Letter you may write

I wrote my immediate elected officials this am. I am in Florida but you may be elsewhere so see fit to add, ignore or make any changes that effects you.

As my elected official I am requesting that on the FDLE sex offender website you request "Country of Origin" to be posted on each offenders Flyer. After much research on Florida's sex offender issues, I have become painfully aware that a disproportionate amount of Florida's sex offenders are "not" US citizens. The families in Florida are not interested in Skewed Immigration policies that may or may not effect deportation as to whether we have "formal relations with a certain country or not". What we are certain of is Florida is drowning in Offenders who by law should have been deported after serving their sentences,and not be released back out onto the streets of our state to only feed again. This is not an immigrant bashing effort. This is a grass-roots effort to make our elected officials at least cognizant to fact that as Taxpayers and Parents we are tired of suffering at the hands of those who should not be allowed to commit more crimes because of Politicians failure to take action in this area. We also feel adding "country of Origin" is paramount in maintaining a database to ensure whatever direction the issue of Amnesty or Pathways to citizenship may or may not take, it will be fully realized that these are not the types of citizens Florida will pay for or accomadate. I and many many others are awaiting your response or lack thereof to this request.Sincerely,

"Anyway, one of my mottos is, "You dont ask, You dont get"...Politicians love to jump on "Protecting the children Efforts" lets see how serious they are?

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