Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had lunch with an unnamed city commissioner last week and the topic of the 2010 Census came up. I made mention that at a previous commission meeting, I was alarmed and dismayed at the praise awarded to city employees who were congratulated on their efforts to canvas certain areas of the city and ensure those who were not documented would have no fear of retaliation when participating in the upcoming census. The commissioner stated that she wanted to make sure that her city received Federal funds allotted to communities based on census guidelines. While I understood her immediate financial concerns for her city, I was bothered by the repercussions of the bigger issue and made no secret of it.
When illegal aliens are included in the census, states with large numbers of illegal immigrants are rewarded with additional seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and more votes in the Electoral College. Theoretically, a state could have a population consisting of 100 percent illegal aliens and it would still be allocated House seats based on its total population even though no one could legally vote. Some 70 percent of all immigrants have consistently tended to settle in six states: California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and Illinois.
I expressed to the commissioner that whatever Federal funds she had hoped to garner due to population numbers in her district would be more than offset due to the outlay of funds her city would have to expend on housing, education, crime and increase in police presence. I reminded the commissioner that her city is now home to one of the most violent gangs in the country and to further encourage the population (the undocumented Population) that anonymity would be a priority during the census is paramount to advertising itself as a sanctuary city. In the bigger picture, the grasp for funding reminds me of immediate gratification with little thought of long term ramifications. I found very little comfort in this type of mindset by an elected official, although I approve overall of this commissioners efforts and her accomplishments to date
It is made woefully apparent to me that throwing funding at a problem and hoping it will seek its own level is not working. Unchecked immigration and dismal deportation policies are eroding the quality of Life for Floridians and I for one am not going to stand back and say or do nothing. Its not fair for Floridians and its not fair to Legal seeking Immigrants who already at a disadvantage have to cope with a community running on threadbare services due to those who consistently take more than they give back.
Whats important to remember is we are and have already paid for Huge Government Agencies to enforce the laws concerning immigration in this country. Florida has more Law Enforcement Agencies on the public’s dole than most other states. My old adage “Liars can figure, Figures don’t lie” is very relevant that when you add up the billions of dollars thrown at Florida’s Law Enforcement each and every year, its amazing we have so much as a shoplifter in this state. Let alone one of the deadliest (undocumented) gangs in the country. I am not comfortable with the upcoming census and how its being used in the short term. The American Public shouldn't’t be either.

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