Monday, July 26, 2010

Recently an activist by the name of Barbara Farris was arrested for the charge of "menacing". I have not been able to find out the details of this arrest so I will impart my scenario of what most likely happened. Convicted sex offenders are banning together in an attempt to financially hurt those who are the most outspoken against them. Somehow I see this "menacing" accusation as being just that, will no real foundation behind it. But knowing the legal system as I do, it can be expensive and time consuming to defend yourself against charges no matter how bogus they might be. Thats the beauty about sex offenders, they are as predictable as x-lax when it comes to lying or bending the truth. But I digress, for activist out there if the SO's want to play down and dirty with the justice system, it might be time to play back. If you find a convicted sex offender "loitering" with his pants unzipped, I highly recommend you call 911 ASAP and report it. Keep your camera phones on the ready if you spot a SO in the vicinity of a park, playground, church with daycare or any other places where children congregate...remember a photo or video is as good as a cop seeing it. Good luck out there and dont give up the fight..and dont forget about Barbara she needs us more than ever..

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