Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Broward commission formed a task force on the sex offender issue. Why? Well I will tell you what I think. I am fed up with the "judicial system" failing the Amercian public at every turn. We pay an abominable amount of monies to various Law Enforcement agencies every year to enforce the Laws that were written in the blood of our Citizens. Now this so-called "task force" spearheaded by a voodoo sex offender therapist and a self serving ACLU attorney are trying out for a new segment of "scare tactics". They are trying to convince the Public that if we dont relax the residency restrictions of the poor downtrodden sex offender, then homelessness and chaos will reign down on us and our children. But what they are actually saying is, budget constraints and lack of will by the "powers that be" dont want to do the paperwork on this issue, so we are coming back to the very people these guys feed on for compromise! I dont know about you, but this issue isnt going to be solved by more compromise's made by the public. I want to know why in this Nation of every kind of Law Enforcement agency known to the modern world, why are they coming back to us? Why do we have men and women who commited sex crimes in other states are allowed to simply give notice that they plan to set up Residence in Florida? Why doesnt the state of Florida put their foot down and restrict offenders who were convicted of a sex crime from moving into our state? Why do we have offenders who have moved into Florida from another country not being deported daily? If you read the names of offenders on the FDLE website its obvious that these people were not born here! Why are they allowed to set up residences and the "citizens" have to deal with the issue of housing and or supervision of these guys? There should be a plane everday at the airport sending these guys back from where they came. Legal, illegal what does it matter? You commit a crime in the United states, your out. Why do we have this revolving door of foreign criminals that we are paying for? Florida finally got the fact we were engaging in overkill when it comes to consentual underage sex. "Romeos" is the term. Why if all the criteria is met to confirm a true Romeo crime, arent these guys being released from the FDLE website immediately? Why are offenders who have been convicted of internet child pornography crimes allowed to have an IP address? That amazes me. We have just allotted 600 million for Law Enforcement to specifically track down child luring, child pornography and other crimes connected with the internet. Yet after a conviction these guys have to "register" their IP address? Thats insane to me. What it sounds like is this 600 million needs to be validated by keeping the bad guys around. Why doesnt the "powers that be" offer an incentive to offenders convicted of non-violent adult sex crimes who keep their nose clean, do what they are suppose to do, pay restitution abide by all residency restrictions for a period of say 10 years can have a pathway to get themselves removed from the sex offender registry? Their crime isnt washed away or absolved, if they commit another sexually based crime, the repercussions should be harsh and swift. Right now 25 to 40 percent are re-offending and they still end up in our backyards. Sex offender numbers are not going to decrease at the band-aid we are applying to this situation now. They will only get worse and what then? Fight over 500 feet, 200 feet? By the time the Department of Corrections, Judges and the people responsible for this issue get a handle on it, they will be begging the public to "adopt an offender". I am sick and tired of these overpaid under-performing agencies and government go-to people constantly coming back to the Parents ,Taxpayers and Law Abiding citizens to make more and more compromises to allow these people back into our neighborhoods. We need to demand these LE entities start doing what we are paying them for. I get the feeling they would rather release these dangerous criminals back onto the unsuspecting public than coordinate with each other and do the paperwork. If we dont as a society put our feet down collectively, they will take us one peice or foot at a time, until the criminals have more rights more freedoms and more considerations that the people who didnt commit a sex crime.

One does have to wonder, if everyone did their jobs as they were designed to be done, I wonder if there would even be a need for residency retrictions? I wonder if we got the truly bad guys off the streets for longer periods of time, Truly supervised the releasee's with a fine tooth comb and just applied basic common sense to an issue who needs total revamping, we might not be dealing with half the problems we are dealing with. You know I really dont mind sitting down and dealing with my own HOMEGROWN offenders in a logical and compassionate and rational way. I am just surprized amazed actually that offenders themselves dont jump on board with some of these issues. Every residence I have to allow for an undocumented illegal sex offender takes that much more out of the mouths of American born Offenders. Every 1000ft or 2500 ft. of space Florida has to give to a guy who commited his crime in another state but likes our beaches better, is one more foot I cant give to a guy convicted in Florida. Every kid who was truly convicted of a Romeo offense that I have to give square footage too is one more foot I cant give to someone else. We are going in circles trying to address this issue from the community up, Law Enforcement should have been dealing with this issue for a long time from the top down.


ZMan! said...

So Valerie, what are your recommendations on fixing the issues? I don't think I've heard you suggest anything.

Why don't you write a blog item about that? I'd love to hear it.

Valigator said...

Then you cant read and your deaf as well. I have been offering various solutions to a myriad of problems, but like the typical SO you are, you dont hear anything unless its something that you want to hear..