Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pass the Buck (your bucks)

I have had the mis-fortune or good-fortune depending on your view to speak to many people on both sides of the sex offender issues. This latest round of "what to do with sex offenders?" seems to have been ultimately to "pass the buck" to first the Broward county commission and then on to the League of Cities. How the League of Cities ever got to be a destination is beyond me.

The League of Cities with its formidable name, is nothing but a overblown travel site for government officals, their families and or their staff under the guise of networking, fact finding and conferences. Like we dont have enough of this? If you browse their site it really just touts meet-ups in various hot spot destinations with the "respectability aura" and pretense of "city business".

But it can be used as a write-off or more often, a cover of doing city business with city funds and no one is suppose to be the wiser?

So what do we have? Another reason for various Florida cities to soak in the sun, lay on the beach and in passing give this issue to a bunch people on bloody Mary's in the morning and gin and tonics in the afternoon. No Thanks...I for one am not going to passively lay back and wait for a "news release" on this groups collective thoughts on the future of our states children. I just don't trust this issue with certain members of the "League of Cities" and neither should you. League of Cities seem to be on any and all government officials resumes, even the ones who are under fraud investigations.

Someone made the comment about this issue in the political arena, this subject has the potential to be "political suicide". So I am assuming the new buzzwords are a "collective majority" on the issue, no one needs to be the wiser or take the individual heat. Well, keep in mind the Department of Corrections has the responsibility to try and locate housing for every offender released from prison in Florida and or is under some form of Supervision or Oversight. Probation officers are notoriously lazy and every definition or joke of "government employee". Therefore when the DOC gets the ear of a "League of City" member and gives them that tired old threat of not being able to keep tabs on these guys because their residency restrictions are too harsh in Florida, remember its self serving and the DOC would rather throw your children to the wolves than get down to the business of taking care of business on this issue.

Florida must stop taking in offenders from other states for no other reason than our beaches are better.
Florida better get in the mindset that foreign nationals and or illegals and my personal favorite "freedom seeking refugees" are committing a vast number of sex crimes in Florida.

"Quitmo" should be the destination for Cubans accused and convicted of sex crimes in this country. There should be a plane at Miami International for all others deporting their butts out on a daily basis, and to take it one step further, insert a microchip in their backsides to help ensure its not the ever revolving door of border crossers committing more and more crimes this state has to clean up.

Sex crimes are a dirty business and its time this country and this state gets serious on how to deal with them. Left up to various Law Enforcement agencies that we pay an awful amount of money to, their only consensus is throw these guys back into our neighborhoods...doesn't anyone other than me find that "self-serving, lazy and bad business"?

Its time the people of this state stand up and demand Law Enforement agencies get off their individual power trips and start coordinating with each other to keep better tabs and combine manpower efforts against these freaks who feed off our kids on a daily basis..

You pay your city thru your taxes for a police department, start there and demand they put an ICE hold on these bad guy illegals, no bail, no lawyer, no nothing but an ICE HOLD..then follow thru, until these "powers that be" realize we are watching them one bad guy at a time.

I'll be damned if I am going to concede one foot to convicted sex offenders until the State starts doing what we pay them for. I bet you would be surprized that this issue wouldnt be as overwhelming as the DOC would like "YOU" to believe, if the chain of responsibility was accounted for.

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