Monday, May 4, 2009

Broadview Park and letter to County Commission

I am writing to you in reference to the “Sex Offender issue” in Broadview Park. I realize that many, in the commissioner’s office are attempting to tackle this problem and you need to know how the taxpaying citizens of Broward feel about this issue.

Let me begin by telling you, I have been the largest proponent of “residency restrictions” for over twenty years. My neighborhood knows what it is like to be labeled a “sex offender dumping ground”. It has taken thousands of hours and many trips before the town council to diminish the numbers of sex offenders in my zip code. It took courage, fortitude and a will by the Town of Davie and its citizens to shed the horrendous reputation that was heaped on us, for no other reason than our city was affordable and centrally located.
My zip code, just one of many that makes up the cities boundaries, started with 68 offenders in a three mile radius which is unacceptable. It didn’t help that the department of corrections were literally “steering” these offenders into my neighborhood in conjunction with “lack of enforcement” by the “powers that be”. These two elements alone were so detrimental to the city we had to take drastic actions to decrease the ever-growing numbers of offenders.
I have to stress to you as “elected city Commissioners”, it is NOT your duty to re-invent the wheel when it comes to the trials and tribulations of sex offender issues.
What “must not” be forgotten is your “obligation” and oath, to make each city in your districts as safe and successful as possible to encourage a strong and healthy County as a whole. This cannot be attained if you throw even one city to the wolves in your quest to be politically correct. Or, bow to the pressures and tired arguments of “offender sympathizers”. Who will seek to cluster themselves in one area at the expense of homeowners and families, who themselves, at this junction are only trying to keep their property values, their police resources” and their ability to draw new residents with a “Family friendly” reputation in for a growing and stable tax base.

It has been brought to my attention that the annexation of Broadview Park into Davie is a very real possibility and only the details of infrastructure issues, remain on the table. If indeed this annexation takes place, and Davie inherits 118 and “growing” convicted sex offenders, you can bank on the citizens of Davie knowing where to bombard and protest this slap in the face.
Davie enacted ordinances concerning sex offenders that must be enforced by the “County Commission” for Broadview Park, if annexation is even in the “wind”. If annexation is not a consideration, you still don’t have any choice but to seek to protect the citizens of Broadview Park and their community.

I will close by saying; I and my neighbors have not spent the last twenty years jumping thru hoops to clean up our community, so County Government can flush those efforts in one fell swoop in favor of “convicted sex offenders”. Commissioner Wexler’s feeble attempt at “Loitering Laws” are ridiculous and condescending to the very people who she claims to represent. I stress again, your responsibilities are to ensure a healthy and stable growth for all of Broward, not just the ones you pick and choose.

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