Friday, February 20, 2009

Toughest city in the US

Davie Florida recently enacted the "landlord violation act" which simply states, landlords renting or housing convicted sex offenders with crimes against minors and who are inside the 2500ft buffer zones can be fined and or jailed.

In as harsh as this might be, one has to understand that Davie, Florida is an education mecca and has many many affordable rentals. Property Owners or Managers go on the "warm body theory" they dont live there, so its no skin off their backs to rent to anyone who's deposit checks cash. The city finally had enough when Probation officers were going out of their way to "steer offenders into the city because it was affordable and centrally located.

How the DOC can stand with one hand out asking for more money and then degrade my childrens well being with the other hand, still blows my mind.

Davie, Florida has the toughest residency restrictions to date: This is a good thing. The Town decided and had the fortitude to put their foot down and say "we are not going to be a dumping ground for bad guys anymore".

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