Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First off people really need to understand the your sex offender registry is not and I repeat NOT the Holy Grail of all things EVIL. But in the same breath, I can not impart on you strongly enough that most people have no idea what truly dangerous persons are in their neighborhoods. Many who would make your hair stand up have no sexual offenses listed in their criminal history. More on those later. If you want to educate your self on the various criminal charges, its not hard to do. The registry will usually list the crime and provide a link to its definition. If not, copy, paste and add the state you are in and google it. State statutes will usually be on the first page. I highly recommend the public get familiar with them. It is also unlikely that your sex offender website will include the entire criminal history of any given offender. What may be an offense you dont consider violent must be taken in context with previous history. But also, a sexual battery charge may not include the fact the guy broke into someones house and raped and beat the 15 year old babysitter, while the babies slept in the next room. Now I dont know about you, but thats a horrible visualization.

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