Sunday, May 25, 2014

This is more than disturbing

Abrown83 posted in Families of sex offenders" Any other significant others dealt with something like this?Posted on 05/19/14, 12:23 pm "My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 3 months. He was placed on the SO list 8 years ago and he was very upfront about everything even before we started dating. He was involved in a sting operation and ended up with probation that ended last year. He lived almost all of his 20's hidden away from the world and I love love love being able to share so many things with him that he missed out on. We got season tickets for NHL and season passes to the zoo for us and my 3 kids. He lost a baby to a miscarriage prior to his conviction and grew up in an alcoholic/abusive home so I feel like I am giving him the family life that he never had the chance to experience. I love him and trust him 100%." 3 MONTHS together and LOVES and TRUST him 100%?? She goes on to write: "Last night I had a horrible dream that involved him being inappropriate towards my 6 mth old son that he is very close to (my son's dad has never met him and is not at all a part of his life, so my boyfriend has been like a father to him.) I have never consciously thought that my boyfriend would do anything to my children. I know that a dream is just a dream but I can't help but think that there had to have been some reason for that to have happened in my subconscious. Any advice on how to put this out of my mind so I don't allow it to affect me enough for him to notice? Short of refusing to "go with her gut" Someone who gives a damn about this idiot broad or her(3 kids) and no fathers ought to call child and family services and or recommend she buy a puppy rather than bring in a sex offender so she can show him All the things he missed?? Of course none of the other broads thought of any of this??Rather they recommended to be "open and honest" with him and eventually will LEARN to trust him?? Are you fucking kidding?? Yea allow this broad to "learn to trust" while using her kids as Bait.. gotta shake your head..

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