Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hubby lost his job

faeryedark aka Camille Ney is ranting husband lost his job Yep! I'm so pissed right now, I could scream! (and I have) Somebody (probably my in-laws) called and reported that my husband is a sex offender to his work. They let him go because he didn't disclose it on his application. Ummm they didn't ask..they asked about felonies. he doesn't have a felony and they didn't ask about sex offenses at all! I guess we'll try for unemployment Umm Camille maybe you shouldnt piss so many people off around the web they have this over-riding compulsion to turn your world upside down"just a thought" smiling..


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking scoundrel Val. Stop taking it upon yourself to "punish" people who are trying to get by. You didn't even think about the mouths he's trying to feed....and then you'll whine ehen he goes on assistance. You suck, do you know that?

Valigator said...

The "mouths he is trying to feed"?? Perhaps Camille should get off her fat ass and get a job rather than slumming "sex offender" blogs all day trying to convince the world what great guys they are. Justa thought.