Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Quick check with the Daily strength broads (families of sex offenders)

ahh this crew never fails to disappoint. Umm what do we have today? Under the topic "Compliance" Gives an outsider looking in a bird's eye view of how our tax dollars are being utilized. Guess the Phillip Garrido example is a faded memory for certain probation officers, Nackachichi (whatever) puts her two cents in with the question of "being honest" on job apps " As far as honest and upfront on job apps.. I don't know about that one. This country forces us "Not to be honest" just so we can survive.umm Coastie puts in his two cents with "Most companies really only care about drug and theft convictions.(obviously working around kids is a different story).n I am registered, but also have a security clearance.(I work in the defense and aerospace industry). (Now thats scarey) considering how he feels and reading his defiant rants about being registered, perhaps His security clearance should be looked at again. Here is a personal favorite: KLW653 writes: My son's PO makes monthly visits but he "never comes in". Sometimes he doesn't even get out of his car. as far as the police, they come by about twice a yr, once in the spring and again in the fall. Now isnt that comforting?? Duppydoozy or whatever, certainly not mother or grandmother of the year writes: also, he has been putting off registering at my residence. and has yet to report new job. Im sure he has not yet reported the job because he's afraid they'll contact the employer and he'll loose the job. He doesn't want to deal with the humiliation of going through the card notifications again as he just did a couple months ago when he had to move to his current (registered) address. He doesnt want to DEAL with it?? But here is the icing on the cake "now this child support bullshit has started, and his ex is running his registry info all over the web, talking a bunch of sh*t... It makes me so sick and furious. How could someone who loves and want the best for their children post that crap all over the internet where their child who supposedly was a victim of him has to see it?!?!?! Ummm what a dilemna, her son sexually feeds off the kid and no one will step up to the plate to make sure its fed? While "grandma" considers the DIL a bitch for seeking support??? ..ahh the trials and tribulations of the Perv families..should be a reality show.

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