Sunday, October 25, 2015

Is an illegal alien sex offender worth a deportation?

Is an illegal alien sex offender worth a deportation?

A pro-border enforcement activist says it's outrageous that the Obama administration has started a new program that could allow  illegal alien sex offenders to avoid deportation.

 This has been one of my biggest pet peeves for years. I truly believe its one of the most compelling reasons I have for doing what I do each and every day. Perhaps it is due to Florida being such a "border state" and melting pot for anything that slithers or floats up on our shores. If the powers that be, cannot "deport" those who are on our soil after committing sexually based crimes? They aren't going to remove anyone. The pro-perv groups would do well to pay attention to this issue because up to now they have formed a United Front with any deviant listed under SO status whether it be criminal alien or not. We will see how "well" that is going to work out for them.


Anonymous said...

Why is your government allowing this to happen? They shouldn't allow anyone with a criminal background in regardless of what it is.

Valigator said...

It's due to Government Overgrowth that caters to special interest, a worthless President that is actively seeking to destroy any semblance of what is left of the United States and a bureaucracy that can't seem to be able to wipe their own backside on any given morning. The public would do well to remind themselves groups like WAR, Sosen, ARM and anystate RSOL fight everyday to allow these criminal aliens back underground as well as their own deviants, who are U.S. citizens. These "groups" are too stupid to recognize U.S. registrants compete everyday for "footage" "Jobs" and "resources" with these alien criminals. That is why their efforts are doomed to fail.