Saturday, September 12, 2015

Families of Sex Offenders Discussion: My Son Is Trying To Figure Out Why He Abused a Child - DailyStrength

Now this is interesting, amazing how the topic degenerates into "bullying". But what is painfully honest is these people "don't have a clue" as to why their "loved one" chose to step over the boundaries of abuse and assault of children ..YET they are adamant their "loved ones" (registrants) are harmless now?? What could possess these people to spend the bulk of their days "bashing the registry, bashing SO restrictions and waging a WAR against the repercussions for sex crimes" and then on this forum admit "they really DONT KNOW why the people in their lives crossed over to abuse?? In fact it appears their "loved ones" still haven't admitted to the persons who are standing by them that somewhere along the way, the overwhelming compulsion to be sexually aroused by "children" clicked on and the attraction to a normal healthy adult relationship clicked off.
Yet these women don't or cant  acknowledge that very real dynamic and have visions of going back to a place in time before any "clicking" occurred. I can only offer up this. These men are not redeemable. The women in their lives are meal tickets and caretakers. All the so-called sex offender treatment in the world isn't going to get these wires clicked  back to a healthy circuit board. I cant even wrap my head around the vision of laying down, breaking bread or planning a future with some freak who threw his entire life away to Get off with little kids?????? and Yet I am the crazy one??


Anonymous said...

here is something truly amazing you are still trolling other chat boards for you site I find it also amazing with everything going on in this country your main focus is nothing but sex offender stories it seems you are very fixated on anything and everything to do with sex offenders and sex crimes. I have to give you credit though you are a very good researcher you check and double check the stories you post on your blog.why not try branching out so to speak? why not have stories about how the police act like Nazi stormtroopers ?about how police try to enter peoples homes without search warrants? also about how the police like to shoot first and ask questions later? or about how same sex couples have to fight for the right to live and love in this country? I can understand how you feel about sex offenders but again I have to say you are good at what you do as far as researching your stories.

Valigator said...

""" I find it also amazing with everything going on in this country your main focus is nothing but sex offender stories"""

My main focus as you coin it, is due to the fact that this particular issue is one that "called me". I am not quite sure how to phrase it other than that. I read the stories of "police" and I know first hand what "powers" Law Enforcement chooses to exercise responsibly and what ones fall by the wayside in their quest to finish their paperwork by shift change. I have a lawsuit and an arrest sheet to prove it.

That being said I am flattered you think I can be a "voice" on these other issues. But I don't. I don't think I could be effective on any "one" issue if I attempted to expand my advocacy to "many".

The "sex offender" problem is one where I have the benefit of Knowing who the players are, their agendas and the sheer deviousness of their self serving motives. This is such a distasteful and uncomfortable problem, the bulk of the public recoils from it. I do not. In fact I charge head on into it knowing I am the preferred target of some of the biggest freaks in the country. For some that could be disconcerting, for me its the cost of doing business and I have adapted very nicely (smiling) to it.

The old adage " I didn't pick this fight, it Picked me" is the most accurate way of describing what I do and why I do it. I wish I could be of more help to you, but according to this week's headlines of sexual assaults, more lenient legislation in favor of offenders and the never ending tide of reported abuses it seems I have all I can handle "focusing" on this issue.