Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shaun Webb

I have come to the determination Shaun Webb only exist in this world to "amuse me" now and then. Of course he can always be used as re-enforcement of my position that  Sex offenders are "notoriously stupid" and can always be used as a "bad example" of failed human DNA. I have to thank him for that.

The over-riding aspect of offenders like Webb is to stay relevant due to their egos. The other aspect is to "get over" "Lie" and "groom" any warm body they get into proximity of.

Seems Mr. Webb's latest endeavor "Lost Youth" isn't doing so well and Shaun doing what Shaun does has to "market" himself anywhere he can. Especially since he "abused" his prior social networking venues.
That being said, seems he is desperate for any positive reviews he can get or intimidate someone else to "review" his shit books. Seems he and another not so bright cohort decided Kim Knight aka "figment of Shaun's imagination" or not (doesn't really matter) decided posting on his Amazon page just might do the trick along with "flaunting" his either real or perceived attendance at a restricted book signing event. (for my benefit no doubt)

On July 14,2015,
Kim M. Knight says:
I just finished reading A Killer for the Queen and was completely immersed! The accelerated demise of the lead character kept me rooted in a Lazyboy until I satisfied my need to know the true evil of this lunatic. This was my first time reading a Shaun Webb novel and am an instant fan! I had the pleasure of meeting the author in Gladwin Michigan where he occupied an author booth at the Sugar Springs Art Fair. I bought two books from him that day but will surely buy more. James Patterson watch out!  and of course Shaun responded to himself with,
Shaun Webb says:
Thank you Kim. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Would you please this review under the book A Killer for the Queen? Thank you and keep reading my stories!!
Here is where the "keep me amused comes in".. seems the Sugar Springs Art Fair has no record of Mr. Webb having a "authors booth" but were very grateful that I alerted them to Mr. Webb's Amazon review page and his status as an offender that will now be circulated to all committee members responsible for those arrangements.  Of course I was curious as to whether Mr. Webbs terms and conditions of his status were lifted for some reason and requested that info while forwarding the quote and the link to the local Sheriff's department.
One would think Mr. Webb would be bright enough to stay off radar and allow the general public and LE to "think" he is "walking the straight and narrow" but obviously the "bright gene" never quite developed in his case. But of course Mr. Webb being the ongoing "victim" he loves to play so much will turn this into another Florida Vigilante moment also..  


oncefallendotcom said...

So you are admitting to committing a crime here, Val? Perhaps Shaun Webb should pass this along to the Ft Lauderdale PD. After all, you are admitting to using the registry to harass registered citizens in violation of Michigan law.

Oh, you're about to have another "Florida vigilante" moment alright. You keep embarrassing yourself and proving daily you are just a dumb wannabe vigilante douchebag.

Valigator said...
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Valigator said...

Obviously a few nerves were struck on this post. "like the little cockroaches they are" this post boomeranged from Ohio to Michigan a few times with all the fury it generated between Derek Logue and his "idol" Shaun. Derek is absolutely beside himself on my post, "spitting nails" comes to mind. One must ponder what "special relationship" these two have for Derek to jump to Webb's defense so intensely while he barely gives pause for thought with other pervs. These two idiots should be thankful I pay attention to them at all with the exceptionally "slow month" they have had..

Anonymous said...

Can you talk about something else besides this guy? I get the impression you're obsessed with him. Nobody cares Val. I hope he sues your ass for this post. You'd deserve it.

Anonymous said...

*high five

Valigator said...

Actually I think I do quite well "talking about something else" considering how many times a day Shaun comments on this blog ..why look another one from him ??? Must be another lonely holiday week end for him..