Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sex Offenders Converge In Dallas « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Sex Offenders Converge In Dallas « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

The comments got very interesting until the topic of RSOL's donations was brought up (by me) then it got strangely quiet..


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! Don't you get that you are an insignificant wart on the ass of society? The comments stopped BECAUSE you came around. You should be so proud of your shitty reputation. You are the ONLY woman I would punch right in the nose.

Valigator said...

You must have spoken too soon. Seems Gypsy12 had multiple epiphanies and decided another 12 or so comments (wanting to deflect) might do the trick.It didn't! Yet even with all that effort managed to say nothing.

Not so sure what you are so pissed off about, I only highlighted the fact that those DONATIONS they "RSOL" are endlessly hawking for by people who can afford it the least went right into the pocket of a freak (Neely) who took his case(s) all the way to the Districts Supreme Court. Who also conveniently legal eased his worthless ass "off" the registry.

All the while you numb-nuts were schlepping all over the internet spending hours thinking of pithy comments to jab back at those who have no tolerance for guys like this.

Not only do I have to spend my time correcting the never ending bullshit by rookies who have been force fed NAMBLA's propaganda, I have to keep an eye on Your groups MONIES also??? A simple "thank you" would suffice.