Tuesday, May 19, 2015

KU ScholarWorks - Deviance and Discourse: Child Molesters in the United States

KU ScholarWorks - Deviance and Discourse: Child Molesters in the United States

Seems this researcher put Derek Logue (like the bug he is) under glass and had not so glowing reviews about this freak. Funny thing after all these years, Derek doesn't link (anywhere) to this observation about him..

Seems to Derek, he thinks this paper is an affirmation of his worthless positions and accuses me of interpreting it incorrectly. I personally think the guy is a hack, but his description of Logue and his background (

""Additionally, one out of three victims who became abusers (Logue) had a history of being cruel to

animals in their childhoods"""" (Bouvier 2003:446).


Anonymous said...

Actually, you've proven once again that you lack even the most basic reading comprehension skills.

It is a Master's Thesis, so obviously it is above your reading comprehension level. Maybe when a thesis is written in crayon, you might be able to read one.

It is the job of a research to at least attempt to take the information given to them and investigate whether the info given is accurate. It is a mix of objectivity and skepticism. It is not uncommon for research papers to discuss limitations in their methodology and raise more questions for further research. Unlike YOU, who admits you start with a conclusion and looks for stories to confirm your bias, researchers start with a hypothesis rather than a conclusion. Again, your small reptilian brain could never understand something like that.

You apparently did not read the conclusion:

"Whatever reforms are implemented, the way forward will require courageous lawmakers to lead sober conversations that replace “tough on crime” rhetoric with honest evaluations of the effectiveness and essential fairness of the nation’s sex offender laws. A just society cannot tolerate the legal creation of a persistent underclass."

That does not sound like this guy came to the same conclusions as you.

Valigator said...

I read enough for Gray to determine that YES there are deviants out there and used you as the poster child..

"abused small animals as a child"?? No wonder you get such a thrill about posting about "Huck and Grits" being poisoned on some many post you make..