Saturday, May 16, 2015

Child Safety Expert: Sexual Predators Can Appear To Be Kind - NBC4i: Columbus, Ohio News, Weather and Sports (WCMH-TV)

Child Safety Expert: Sexual Predators Can Appear To Be Kind - NBC4i: Columbus, Ohio News, Weather and Sports (WCMH-TV)

What is interesting is the comment from W.A.R. member Christine Barnes Smith who writes "more mass hysteria" under this link. Which had me pondering, "just how much "education" do these "pro offender groups" REALLY want out there? This article highlighted a man who spent his entire career profiling sexual offenders and Predators and their common denominators. I would venture not many people have as much of a "bird's eye view" as Agent Clemente. This city invited him to speak and garner whatever help and insight he could offer (due to his professional background) in the wake of recent high profile molestation cases.
As usual the WAR mafia looks at "experts" as Mr. Clemente as the "enemy". As the perpetrator of "mass hysteria"??? I have been a reliable observer of these groups for many years. The "Vicki Henry's, the Christine Barnes Smith's of this world "don't want education". In fact these "bottom feeders" don't want any "prevention programs that would advocate  efforts to spot suspicious behaviors or  EXPOSING criminal behaviors. What they WANT is to allow these insidious crimes to go back to being the dirty little secret they have been for decades.


Anonymous said...

I read this. I would of thought that this guy is on the right track any education is better than nothing. From what I could tell Mr clemente was saying that its not so much the strange danger but people who have regular contact with kids so how is that playing into the mass hysteria that they go on about? But then I guess theres no helping some people!

Valigator said...

That's a gimmie. The bulk of society does not realize the devious extremes that Pedos go to get next to kids, unless one is in the "anti" arena. Perverted Justice and Evil Unveiled did some magnificent research into these freaks infiltrating the "mindsets" of these guys that I regularly access and continue to learn something new each time. The over-riding common theme was their (pedophiles) ability to get NEXT to kids and brag about their methods to each other. Of course the goal was to get the customary "high five" from the other pedos while satisfying each others "fantasies". That's a vision I could do without. While that is disgusting in itself, there was one other aspect that ranked even higher in this sick echelon of deviants and that was "not to be a registered offender/predator" another words, "Haven't been caught yet"

So when the Pro offender groups regurgitate the most likely offender is someone "not on the registry" we can always revert to NAMBLA's hierarchy as those "not on the list"..