Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lauren Book ends statewide trek with Tally rally to protect Florida children - SaintPetersBlog

Lauren Book ends statewide trek with Tally rally to protect Florida children - SaintPetersBlog

The marchers and spectators mostly ignored the """four"""" sign-waving protesters.

And once again a massive fail for Derek Logue..


Anonymous said...

The article said they were with anonymous, but they were clearly there as part of the oncefallen group. Is he hiding his group in fear of failure and linking himself with the anonymous online groups?

Valigator said...

No in fact I think he is pissed he was aligned with that group. Not sure what that was. Obviously whoever reported it, didn't think this protest was worth the effort to clarify.. I do think I read where one of the people planned on wearing an "anonymous mask" not sure though..maybe that's where it came from.. Derek is seething.. I know those Highs/lows he has.. he wants to bluster as if he accomplished something but knows he didn't. In fact I would venture everyone involved in this clusterfuck is rethinking their affiliation with these numbnuts. I warned them in spades it was a bad idea and I was going to "make sure" it indeed turned out to be a bad idea..

derek's tears said...

i see derek is still trying to spread the new nambla lie about child molesters like him having a low rate of re-offending.

i'm having a hard time believing that even the stupidest child molester, derek included, doesn't know the difference between re-conviction and re-offending, or that they aren't aware of the beyond proven fact that sex crimes are extremely under reported relative to other crimes.

Valigator said...

Derek knows, its Pedo-speak and he along with the others pray the overall public will fall for it.

I call it "Nambla manifesto" 101.
If you bullshit the public long enough, loud enough and often enough then by the laws of math you may convert some people.

I posted something the other day here Profiling the "typical" behavior:
A serial pedophile in Florida has been arrested for molesting at least seven young children in his apartment complex just 18 months after he was released from prison by officials who voted to give him a second chance.

Michael Shepard, 35, conned parents into letting him babysit their kids and was frequently seen riding around the neighborhood with children on his scooter, authorities say.

""""""When asked about the sex offender notification he gave to his neighbors, he claimed that he had been in prison for a 'Romeo and Juliet romance' with a preacher's daughter.""""""""

I assume "preachers daughter" was to give this freaks story more weight??