Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Derek Logue looking for "donations"

ahh poor poor Derek, one can always tell when he is grasping for attention and "donations". Seems Mr. Logue had to move from his "hovel" on Eden Avenue to another residence. He proceeds to detail the circumstances of his finances and like "clockwork" hawks for more donations from anyone who may be sympathetic to his plight. Derek being Derek has determined he would like to "Protest" here in South Florida and is recruiting other "like minded" persons to join him. Derek does this occationally when he "feels" he can kill two birds with one stone. (1) Make himself relevant and (2) collect money. His "recruitment" message is:
oncefallend aka Derek Logue... Looking for people willing to attend a public protest Posted on 01/14/15, 12:19 pm I know most people are averse to public rallies and protests on this issue. In fact, our movement hasn't held a public rally since Columbus Ohio way back in 2007 (ancient history by RSO reformist standards). My question is who among you would be willing to travel to a state known for really crazy laws against us and hold a protest? Must be willing to hold a sign and speak out publicly, and willing to travel, possibly without any compensation. Please PM me if you are interested in doing so. I'm trying to put together such an event but I don't wish to discuss all the details publicly.
Heads up,  If one is inclined they can always go back and "time" Derek's solicitations for money. Usually in the Dead of winter when he gets "vacation fever". Seems he has burnt his bridges with the usual "mainstream" groups who have traditionally paid his way to attend "conferences, rallies etc." They have finally grasped "Derek Logue" is more of a detriment to their efforts than an asset. If one is also inclined they may correlate that once those non deductible donations are in his greedy little hands, some "momentous" obstacle will appear that precludes his announcement that the "trip" must be postponed. Then he hopes the donors will eventually "forget" about the effort altogether. A month later he proudly post pics of himself at some festival with underage persons blissfully unaware of his status as if the captions under the pictures should really have him "giving the middle finger" to the establishment and proclaiming "Look what I just got away with". But who knows, maybe Gail Colletta will offer him a spare room at her place (neighbors should love that) .


Anonymous said...

As usual you prove yourself to be woefully misinformed and incapable of telling the truth. You are always good for a laugh.

Your obsession with me will prove to be your downfall. Maybe when the day of the protest arrives I'll send you an invitation, but I doubt you have the guts to be there.

I wouldn't vacation in FloriDUH, moron. I prefer the Left Coast. California, Oregon, and Washington are more diverse and fascinating states to visit. Miami in particular is a real cesspool of corruption and violence, thanks to people like Ron Book and Pepe DiASS. like Ron Book. It is amazing that SOB isn't in federal prison on corruption charges.

Also, you obviously aren't aware of how any project works. I guess you'll just have to wait for the finished project but recruiting is a normal process in organizing an event. Even that stupid anti-registrant protest you engaged in recently had an organizer who recruited people for her operation.

The only think you are right about is that I do give the establishment the one finger salute. Just ask that US Marshal who thought he'd try a warrantless search a couple of years ago how that went :) The way you spin the truth, you could get a job on the O'Reilly Factor, another dumbass who is incapable of having an intelligent thought.

What makes you think it will even be in Miami, by the way? It is a good idea, though. I could go to Ron Book's office and pay him and his blonde puppet a personal visit.

Valigator said...

Who said it was Miami, numbnut?
I believe the general description you used was the SE corridor..

Derek, while I and the non-offending public realize you place a greater importance on yourself than is actually warranted, it is only your damaged ego and ongoing efforts to grab my attention that is the catalyst for attempting to "recruit" others for a Protest in Florida "oh excuse me the SE corridor". As usual your timing is off and your a day late and a dollar short. For a college boy who professes to be so smart, you kinda missed the entire "scorched earth" campaign in 2014 when the NEW laws went into effect. Your motley crew can arrive just about anywhere in Florida, and find the "ink has dried" on much of those new laws and your signs and protest will fall on deaf ears.
Now I have little to no empathy for the self imposed plights of the "daily strength crowd", but "hawking" for donations from a collection of people who often find it hard to pay the rent each month for no other reason than I decimate your ego on a daily basis is just plain wrong. You should consider yourself lucky that enough people have determined you to be narcissistic, revengeful, hostile, and self consumed. Not many people can have the benefit of such clarification of one's own personality traits.
You may wanna stand back and look at the big picture Derek. You, Gail, RSOL (everystate), the worthless voodoo doctors, and every perv in the country attempt to go up against me "daily". I have even attained the "one whose name we shall not speak" (love it by the way)..
You and your groups have attempted every maneuver every written in "how to wage (lost wars) and look at the results.
This is Florida, I reside in Florida, Florida is and (as long as I have a breath) will remain the toughest state in the country for sex offenders. You and your pro offender groups have LOST Florida. Gail has been run out with her tail between her legs, those worthless experts of hers are on the downlow and pray we don't meet at a cocktail party. Levenson has been exposed for the hack and grant whore she is. In the "Art of War" Derek, I win and your "bullshit protest efforts" is moot at best.

oncefallendotcom said...

You sound a lot like all these Buckeye fans after OSU beat Oregon in the college football playoff. YOU, Valigator, have no won a single thing except being the title for being the dumbest person on the entire internet.

You give yourself way too much credit, Val. You are nothing more than a mosquito, a bloodsucking pest that buzzes in the ear, sucks blood, and needs a good swat. Other than that, you are nothing. Aside from that one CBS Miami article casting you in a sympathetic light, no media outlet has really given you any attention. I don't see you at the state house lobbying for bills, or going on national TV to push for victims' rights.

To paraphrase the AT&T ad, you're less than small potatoes, you are NO POTATOES.

The only reason why anyone at DS takes you seriously is because DS is not an activist site, even though a few activists do participate. It is simply a site where people can go to share their issues and concerns, a "support" forum for families of Registered Citizens.

To me, Val, you are at best a minor diversion during the days there isn't anything else to do. I have fun at your expense, because your hypocrisy is far too easily exposed. All your efforts can't hide the skeletons that fell out of your closet. You can't hide your arrest record. You can't hide the years of support you gave Once Fallen, nor the fact the only reason why you turned on me was because I supported FAC.

Face it, Val. If anyone is losing the war, it is you. If this was a video game you'd be the Goombas from Super Mario Bros, just a minor annoyance to be easily stomped :)

Valigator said...

"Miami in particular is a real cesspool of corruption and violence," no argumewnt there, try counting the sex offenders and predators that reside there??

""Your obsession with me will prove to be your downfall"" , no not quite, You and I are in a perpetual pissin contest. It is what it is and probably will always be that way. Don't lose sleep over it, I certainly don't.

"""You give yourself way too much credit, Val."" No I look at numbers and successful legislation, anyway you count it I WIN..

""Aside from that one CBS Miami article"" someday when you grow into your big boy pants, you will learn what goes on behind closed doors with the Feds the reps, senators and governors has far more power than any article that is written. Never quite understood that from the pro pervs, you think because you got letter published, its a win?? Try standing at an fundraiser with the people who have the balls to turn your world upside down.. (like that picture of me downing a shot" you love to post so much, that party alone tightened the nuts on your offenders you freaks will never recover from. Ahh good times, good times..

""You can't hide your arrest record"" my arrest record does nothing but verify you don't fuck with me Derek, pure and simple. no more no less, and I would wager there will be many more arrest before I get put into the ground..

"""You can't hide the years of support you gave Once Fallen"" now this is a perfect example of pure pedophile mindset. When you and I were first acquainted, I wasn't as belligerent as I am now. YOU taught me the definition of what being "groomed" was, I chose to believe you like the nimwits at DS do their sons and the guys they are banging, I know better now, I know Who you really are, and it aint any definition of an Alpha Male.. Your fucked up, but at least I had the recognition abilities before you did any harm to my family..

""I have fun at your expense"" what your definition of expense? You keep forgetting I decimate you at every turn, that why your here, numbnut...

Anonymous said...

Good job Val that says it all

Anonymous said...

Hey Val, did you get your new anonymous friend from the same placee Manti Te-O found his imaginary girlfriend? Or did you finally realize you can comment anonymously on your own blog to make it look like you have a supporter? We all know you don't have friends.

Once again I say you give yourself too much credit. There is not a single bill passed that had ANYTHING to do with your personal support. The legislators are simply too busy trying to get reelected. Florida's so-called "scorched earth" policy won't last forever. Hell, you might live long enough to see them repealed.

And I have to laugh at your crazy belief that you "decimate" me, ever. You are easily beaten by the facts. Instead you say the same tired crap, blah blah blah "freaks" blah blah blah "ain't no fixin' that kind of broke" that blah blah "stick a needle in them." You are boring and predictable and you can't even make a sensible argument.

Oh, I have no problem "standing at an fundraiser with the people who have the balls to turn your world upside down." I stood in the face of BACA and recorded them agreeing with my talking points. I have stood in front of an FOP convention holding up signs protesting the police state and the militarization of law enforcement. I've stood before legislators and victim industry blowhards.

If anything, it is the other side of this issue, people like YOU, who fear me. Nothing scares your side of the issue like the TRUTH.

As a TV producer from one of the shows I've been on told me, these so-called experts on your side of the issue don't WANT to be challenged by people who can cut through their propaganda. They don't want to be challenged on the truth because the truth is bad for business.

Thus, they lie and convince themselves what they say is the truth, just like how you continue to lie about the reason you turned on me to save face. No one believes you suddenly had an "epiphany' about me the day I chose to support Gail Colletta and FAC over you.

Valigator said...

anonymous (Derek) between the cabin fever of winter and unbalanced meds..I see your delusions of grandeur have appeared again.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard for them to believe that other people hate molesters too? The only point they can really make is that the registry casts too wide of a net. A lot of people end up there that shouldn't be. But I don't think this derek guy fits the description. When you cross the line into actually touching a kid, your credibility becomes zero..

concerned S.O. said...

who are you valigator? a vigilante? i feel you and all of your cohorts on this crusade were exposed via nancy grace last night. She took a few single isolated cases and tried to persuade america that pot will make you go off the deep end and commit heinous acts. This is what you, john walsh, klaas and the other crusaders have in common with her. This is your game plan. You know the real recidivism rates, as i see you post often and must do your homework. So why? how much money are you earning from this crusade. Is this your full time job? how much did you pull down last year?

Valigator said...

Don't watch Nancy Grace, haven't in years..she is a little too dramatic for me. More for the camera than any real empathy on any given subject..

Valigator said...

Anonymous wrote " The only point they can really make is that the registry casts too wide of a net"

Obviously you haven't read enough of my blog to grasp my stance on the registry. I suggest you back to much earlier post and you will see I have liberal leanings on what and who should be registered. That being said, the most vocal voices on forums where the topic is about sex offenders have the most "heinous crimes" and can never be considered for removal from the registry. Yet, like clockwork, these level 2's and 3's (and their women) land on these forums "inferring" they all had too many miller lites and pissed on a bush, so therefore the registry needs abolishment. They want all out ABOLISHMENT. There is no "casting of too wide a net"..These freaks want to go back underground with no restrictions whatsoever. I have learned PEDO-speak over the years. It doesn't matter if they kidnap, rape and kill a kid, These freaks want anonymity.. no more, no less.

concerned S.O. said...

i cant believe you live on here 24/7. really? seriously, how much money do you make from this endeavor?

Valigator said...

I am here just enough to be "effective" case in point..Your here aren't you?

concerned S.O. said...

answer my question! Do you or dont you make money from this?

concerned S.O. said...

thats what i thought. i see u are on here with your favorite past time - derek logue. Honestly, ive talked to derek a few times. he isnt the brightest guy, and has the temper of a rabid dog...but i can measure people up just by talking to them. The guy is no threat to re-offend and i think you know that. But you, as well as your cohorts...ahern, walsh, klaas, the ones profiting from the hysteria, would like to have people believe they are a ticking time bomb, much like the technique nancy grace used last night on dr drew. The recidivism rate for sex offenses is between 3.5 and 7 percent. But let me guess...its better to err on the side of caution and just throw em all in, cuz you dont know who that small percentage could i getting warm?

Anonymous said...

Val and her imaginary friend are the only ones forgetting their meds and having delusions of grandeur around here.

On the upside watching Val try to correct her imaginary friend is good for a laugh.

Valigator said...

Concerned S.O In case you didn't notice or just too dense to comprehend, I don't respond well to demands from sex offenders on any topic or level "answer my question"..

that's the problem with you pervs, You don't follow the rules, case in point....this is my blog and my rules apply.

Now look what you have done? Your gonna need a time out to ponder the repercussions of your impulses.

Anonymous said...

Val I have read your views on who should land on the registry. I agree. I was just pointing out that in all their talking points, this is the only one that holds any weight.
It's funny to see how they all think I'm actually you. I assure you all that I just stumbled on this site by jumping through links and happening upon it. I wander through sites. For all I know I started off watching old music videos and 50 links later wound up here. It happens on wiki a lot too..
Anyway carry on folks. This is certainly interesting

Valigator said...

Thanks for stopping by..

Valigator said...

Derek is a time bomb. I have at least a hundred comments from him I don't post either due to the language, a reference that makes no sense, a threat to others, "demands of a reply" etc.

Derek is on large doses of meds he doesn't control well. That's why some days he is as lucent as anyone and the next OFF THE WALL. Any person who ping pongs with as many personalities as Logue is a danger.

Anonymous said...

You are one to talk, Vag. I never pulled a gun out or assaulted people. That's more you thing. If anyone should be on meds here, it is you. I certainly don't take them because I don't need them. You, on the other hand, are proven to be highly likely to reoffend. Someday, however, you will blow up and the wrong person and you will be seriously hurt or killed. But at least while you are online getting owned by me, you're not outside reoffending :)

Valigator said...

"I certainly don't take them because I don't need them"

I suppose that would be all in one's perception Derek, being described as a "rabid dog" wasn't my perception, but by another S.O. but I do think it is rather apropos, don't you?

What? bored and snowed in today? Too bad, those "donations" not coming as fast as you would like? ..I re-potted some orchids and swam in the pool. Fort Lauderdale is really quite beautiful this time of year..

Anonymous said...

Gail Colletta had to distance herself from Logue pretty quick, but admits the damage has been done. I think the description used was he is "poison for any legitimate group attempting reform"

Valigator said...

Gail Colletta was an idiot for aligning with this freak in the first place. How effective or how smart can a broad like this be without doing her homework first?

It's not like his and the others putrid bile wasn't all over the internet before she joined at the hip with him. The damage has been done and she is decimated.

I wonder did she ever ask herself WHY she received a "less than welcoming" attitude from Legislators? Seriously did it ever cross her mind, that a complete dossier of her, her associates their quotes, her "expert" witness's resumes', their videos were in front of those she was attempting to persuade before she ever walked in the room?
She wanted a WAR, I gave her one. All one has to do is look at the Florida scorched earth policies of 2014 and see who won.